A “Snooki” book review, and some rambling.



It is raining currently in my neck of the woods and I’m sitting here by the window writing like this:

Beautiful hd wallpapers (100)

Enjoying my cup of Coffee and just gazing outside every few minutes looking at this gloomy weather.  I swear, this weather has been bi-polar this year.  Big snow storm with ice every where.  People sliding all over the roads one day, and then everything melts and it’s 50 the next day with thunderstorms.  People are dressed like they’re in the North Pole one day, and the next day, they’re outside with shorts and T-shirts.  It was beautiful outside yesterday morning, and by the afternoon – people were back in jackets and scarfs / gloves.  Etc.  Today, it’s raining and breezy / cool – and tonight – watch it snow.  I’m just sayin’!   😦  So, as I sit here on this gloomy day – let me share a few things since I haven’t written in a while.


First of all,


I’m not too thrilled that it’s March already and I planned to have some goals I’ve made for myself already met.  I’ve totally snoozed and I have to get my butt up and start making some serious moves.  I wanted to have a few things done by March, and here it is March – and I’m still talking about getting them done.  I won’t go in to details, but I’m totally disappointed in myself right now for this reason.  I’m working on it though.  Hey!  Working, being a mom, running errands, trying to work a 2nd job I took on recently, trying to start a business and get that off the ground – has been super crazy lately, and I never have time to sit down and write – let alone work on goals I’ve set for myself.  This month, I swear – NO EXCUSES!   I’m working on each and every one.


I won’t go in to too many details about my recent adventures or things I’m working on but I am excited for a few things if all works out well, and if it does -then we’ll talk.  I’m so very drained emotionally right now, and I think I need JESUS more than ever.  Ha.  I totally need to get back in to the routine of going to church , reading my beloved Bible more, studying scriptures and getting back in to the POWER OF PRAYER.  I am a big believe in that.  I pray  EVERY DAY.  I never miss a day where I don’t pray.  I’m either praying for strength, help, hope, those I love, for everything to work out, safety, guidance or just to thank the good Lord for a blessing – but I’m always praying daily.   🙂  I have a strong faith and it can’t be shaken!   That’s one good thing about me in all the craziness that goes on in my life and with everything I’m trying to balance all at once currently.   I believe in the power of pray, and my faith is strong.


One thing that keeps me totally sane is READING.  I LOVE to read and if I’m over-whelmed with life, or anything going on and I want to just take a break from the real world – I read a good book.  It always relaxes my mind, and takes my mind off other things going on.  I LOVE the Library.  It’s like a second home to me because well – I love to read and that’s where all the books are!  🙂  I used to ALWAYS go get books just in case I needed to relax my mind and wanted to read.  I was always reading something and as many of you know if you’re a fan of reading my writings – I also recommend books I love, and I do reviews as well here.   Even books I just find “alright”, or books that make me giggle in some way or another, I’m WRITING about.  I haven’t even had the chance to read lately because life has gotten hectic and I’m trying to take on all these new things while being a mom, and scheduling my schedule around school events, meetings, after school things going on for my kids, and trying to get my two oldest graduated this year.  One from high school, and one from 8th grade.  So, the other day – I went to the library and ordered some books I came across recently and wanted to check out from real people I admire.  I always love inspirational books, so reality stars – or celebs who write those types of books, I’m way in to!   I placed some on hold to have sent to the library near me, and in the meantime – I went in to the non-fiction isles (because I enjoy non-fiction the most), and checked out some books.


We all know SNOOKI right?  Come On!  From the reality show JERSEY SHORE?   I was browsing books and saw one of hers.  I didn’t even know she wrote books.  Here it was though.  So, I HAD to pick it up and check it out.  SNOOKI!  The Party gal !   She can be a bit ditzy and crazy but I lubbs me some Snooki!  Yes. I said  LUBBS.  (lol).  Seriously, she makes me giggle and her fashion style – LOVE IT.  Not to mention she’s totally beautiful.  (I say that in a very straight way – no offense to those who are Bi-sexual or Lesbian).  Love you all!  🙂  So, I picked up this book to keep me occupied until the books I wanted get to the library from other libraries.



Listen.  Most of this book had me like, “Huh?  What the heck is she talking about?  Wait, WHAT?  This makes no sense.  I have NO CLUE what she means.  They REALLY published this?”.    She talks a LOT about partying, loving animal print EVERYTHING, and uses her own slang words.  As much as I think it could have been worded and written better,  it did make me giggle and that’s what counts.  It’s written in a fun, funny and wild way – a  SNOOKI “does it her own way” – kind of way.   Would I recommend this book?  If you want to know more about JEREY SHORE, how she got her fame from the show, her fashion sense and style, tips she gives, more about her, and so forth – YES!  I recommend.  I’m a huge fan of SNOOKI – and think she’s funny, adorable, and stylish.  The book was more goofy than anything, but in a fun way.  She def. has a style all her own and she OWNS THAT SSSSSHHHH !   To each their own , right?!  So, let me share a few parts I enjoyed.   I never share ALL of a book I read and recommend because then there would be no point for you to go check it out on your own – but I do share the funnies, the parts I loved the most, and such.


Now, I’M GUESSING she wrote this book BEFORE she had kids because she talks about what she wants to name her future kids (she already has kids) at this point.  She talks about wanting to be married eventually (she is currently).  She talks about partying a lot.  I mean A LOOOOTT. As far as I know, she’s always home with her kids now most of the time as she loves to talk about and take photos of.  She talks in this book about tons of hot guys and dating, etc. but she’s married – so as said, I’m sure this book was written many moons ago, but – it’s still a fun read.  🙂  Kept me busy.


BTW – there’s  TONS of photos of her in here if she’s your kind of gal.  🙂


-Snooki admits that when she’s in a bad mood, had a bad day, etc. she listens to Christmas music or goes shopping for Christmas things – no matter what time of year it is.  It helps her feel better.  (I LOVE that about her.  I LOVE Christmas myself and Christmas shopping for ornaments, or anything Christmas – listening to Christmas music – any time of the year – helps put me in a better mood as well.  So I’m right there with her and can totally relate).  FUN SNOOKI FACT!

-Snooki says in this book that she’s REAL.  She says what’s on her mind.  She’s always herself.  She does what she wants, and doesn’t care what other people think.  (That’s totally ME and I can relate to that as well, so I enjoyed reading that part.  Anyone who knows me knows that I speak my mind.  I do NOT sugar coat anything. I don’t hold back or bite my tongue most of the times.  If I’m thinking it, feeling it, you’re going to know it.  I’m as real as it gets so know SNOOKI is the same way, is a huge plus.  It’s good to know).  I’m always myself and if someone doesn’t like it, O – well.  I truly don’t care what people think either because at the end of the day, those who do love me – love me for the way I am and that’s all that matters. 🙂  GO SNOOKI!!!!  Continue to do and be you!  Everyone else – same goes for you… take that advise to the heart and run with it.  DON’T WORRY what others think or say about you as long as in your heart – you know you’re being YOU and doing what you want, saying what you want, etc.  She says she’s fearless. Confident.  That’s exactly what ALL us women should be.  How we should be.  How we should live.


-She talks in this book about how to be a GUIDETTE.  A woman who does and says what she wants, lives how she wants and tries to have a good time anywhere she is.  She has rules every GUIDETTE should follow.  Check out the book to see those.  Some made me giggle.  Some I agreed with . Some – I thought were kind of off the wall and wondered if she was joking?!  Kind of like the one where she says a GUIDETTE should look 100% perfect at all times.  Um yeah – not going to happen.  While I try very much to do so… I’m a mom of 4.  A working -TIRED- mom of 4.  I’m lucky if I have time to put my eyeliner and lip gloss on in the mornings.  Although, my mom laughs at me because if I’m sick and ever need to visit the E.R.  – I do my hair and make up before I go!  🙂


She does say one thing that made me wonder in her “rules” on how to be a GUIDETTE.  She says that a GUIDETTE always wears her hair straight.  If it’s already straight, a GUIDETTE still straightens it, and if one has curly hair – they still straighten it. If a woman wants curly hair – they have to straighten it before curling it.  Made me wonder if that works and curls the hair better if you straighten it first.  I’ll have to give that a try!  I have issues curling my hair!   Maybe that works? !!!!   If anyone has tried it, let me know.


She also says in her rules to ALWAYS stand up for yourself because there is always some zoo animal ready to attack like it’s the jungle.  By this – I’m assuming she means those wild , catty women out there ?  LOL!  Either way, I totally agree with this.  NEVER keep quiet if someone is putting you down, trying to ruin your life, or bullying you.  STAND UP FOR YOURSELF and speak the truth.  Speak your mind.  Let it be known you’re NOT going to sit down and shut up if you need to protect yourself and your life.


I did laugh while reading her “7 things GUIDETTE’S would NEVER do” section.  In it, she says a GUIDETTE will never pay for their own gas if they only have enough money for shoes and hair products.  It kind of made me wonder, “So, you’d rather sit on the side of the road looking all cute waiting for IDOT or some road service to come and rescue you because you ran out of gas – as long as you have your hair products and new shoes ?”.  lmao!  Oy……. this SNOOKI chick. I tell ya.  The book def. gave me a good giggle.  Love her tons!  🙂


Another one that made me giggle – is when she said a GUIDETTE does NOT count calories – and finished by saying, “Don’t tell me not to eat that Cookie”.  This made me giggle because SERIOUSLY – a woman should eat what she wants, and not have to feel bad about it.  None of us are getting out of this life ALIVE.  We’re all going to die some day so enjoy it.  If you want a cookie, eat a cookie!  If you want a slice of cake – eat a slice of cake.  Me?!  I love me some warm Apple pie – so if I’m running miles and miles on a treadmill and at the gym for 2 hours and someone offers me a slice of APPLE PIE after that – I’m taking it!  I agree with SNOOKI on this, because life is too short not to enjoy a snack here and there!   Especially if you go to the gym and work out and you’re doing great.  Have a snack once in a while and live life to the fullest.  🙂  DON’T CONSTANTLY count calories.  I’ve tried before.  It’s a huge headache.


One section of this book I LOVED and have to agree with ladies – is the GUIDETTE GIRL CODE.  Not sure if any of you have ever watched the show GIRL CODE -but it’s kind of like that.  Women who stick together, empower each other, follow certain rules and don’t do other women – especially their family members or female friends- bogus. Simple as that.  There’s rules to this GIRL CODE thing and I FOLLOW each and every one !  As said before, while I won’t go through EACH one here because I think it’s best if you check out the book for yourself – I will go through the ones I truly believe in, I’m inspired by, and couldn’t agree more with Snooki on.


In one part of this – she says pretty much that if you’re pretty and tan or heck – even just pretty – you should be NICER to other women who aren’t as pretty – not meaner!  AGREED 100%!  I can’t stand the women who know they’re hot, have these amazing bodies, can wear whatever they want, have all the guys drooling over them – and look down on women who aren’t so pretty, or who don’t have name brand clothes and designer hand bags.  I can’t stand the women who won’t even say hi to a woman who is less prettier than they are or the women who are just so rude and mean to women who aren’t pretty at all.  Me?  I think I’m a cutie.  I think I’m pretty.  Never in a million years would I ever be mean or catty to another woman who may not be so pretty or gets made fun of because of how she looks.  I totally believe it’s just proper GIRL CODE that if you’re cute, pretty, sexy, hot – whatever  -that knowing another woman isn’t – you be NICER to her and make her feel special, pretty, loved.  DO NOT be nasty and mean, stuck up or rude just because she isn’t on your level.  Not only that, but I don’t think any of us should be mean for ANY reason no matter what we all look like.

Another one I love that she wrote in this section :  HOS BEFORE BROS.  So, I don’t agree with the way she said it in the book because I don’t think ANY WOMEN should be called  HOS – but I get what she’s saying and where she’s coming from.  You know how men have the saying BROS BEOFRE HOS – same thing.  HOS BEFORE BROS – what she wrote in the book – basically means that even if you have a boyfriend, husband – whatever -guys come and go and you need to always be there for your girls no matter what – over a guy any day.  Don’t diss your girls, female family members who may need you, your female friends -for a guy !  Plain and simple.  She writes in this book that your female family members or friends  – your GIRLS are the ones holding your hair back when you’re puking.  They’re the ones helping you stalk your crush (which is another part that made me giggle in this book) – so always – pick your girls over guys!  ANY DAY. ANY TIME. If they need you … you go!

Then, there’s the obvious one.  You DON’T hook up with your girls ex’s, ex-crushes, current boyfriends, crushes, or anyone who treated one of your girls like crap.  GIRL CODE 101.  This is the FIRST thing I always live by and expect my own female family members or friends to follow.  YOU DO NOT go after anyone who has been with your female friends or family members, your girls – etc.  It’s just a obvious rule that sadly, many women don’t follow these days.  Men that are with your female family members, your girls, or even their ex’s – OFF LIMITS LADIES. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS!  (LOL) I’m so serious about this and in the book  -Snooki is as well.   I agree with her.  Listen.  I always say that if a female family members man or husband approached me and tried some funny stuff – or if one of my girls has a man that comes up to me for something other than advice – he’s going to have to go back and explain why he has a Black eye because I’ll knock him on his bottom before I even THINK about messing around with him.  You just DON’T do that.  There are SO many men in this world ladies – that we shouldn’t have to mess with each other’s men or husbands.  You wouldn’t want to find out one of your family members or girls are messing with the guy you like, love, are with – so don’t do it to them.  End of story.


YOU WANT your BFF’s to look hot.  Don’t be in such competition with your female family members or friends that you don’t tell them when they’re NOT looking their best.  Snooki says in the book that you always want your female loved ones to do and look their very best and I agree with this as well ladies.  If one of my girls has lipstick on her teeth, if one is wearing a skirt so tight – her belly flab is showing and doesn’t look right – I’m telling her!  I don’t care what it is, but if one of my female loved ones doesn’t look right, has something wrong with her she needs to fix – whatever it is – I want them to not only do their best but look their best so I’m going to help her out.  It’s only right.  🙂  I admire SNOOKI even more for admitting that even though SHE’S hot herself, she wants her friends and family – whoever – to look just as hot.  It means that she’s confident about herself as a woman and wants to empower and uplift other women around her.  Which we should ALL be doing.  🙂


There’s a few different ones in here but those are my favs that I truly stick to and believe in!  Take notes !   🙂


Snooki then goes in to showing pictures of her bedroom, her car, her bathroom, her animal print EVERYTHING, her favorite stuffed animals and things of that nature.  Where she spends most of her time, doing what she does and some of her favorite things. That was interesting to check out because in the show JERSEY SHORE and from anyone who knows and loves SNOOKI  –  T.V. doesn’t show her REAL personality very much.  She talks about her hair and make up, things she loves that has to do with that, and even gives us ladies out here TIPS on different things from hair and make up, to clothes.  She talks about fake lashes as well.  It had me cracking up when she says they scare the hell out of her when they fall off because they look like giant SPIDERS!  Me personally – I don’t do fake lashes and never have.  My lashes are long enough to where I feel I don’t HAVE to put on fakes – but for the women who love them, or have shorter lashes and NEED them, there’s a section in there for you ladies as well about which kind of lashes to wear for what kind of events, parties, etc.  Enjoy!



She’s obsessed with and loves JWOWW’s boobs!  LMAO…

She LOVES Pickles and Pickle juice.

Her dad is a volunteer Firefighter.  How cool is that?  🙂  God bless that man!

She actually likes POODLE skirts and the whole era of it.  Hey – Me personally – I won a 50/60’s dance contest in a poodle skirt when I was in 5th grade I believe it was.  It was a church event.  I HATED the outfit, but I felt cute in it, so I can kind of relate to Snooki here!   🙂 Yes !  COOKIE once won a 50/60’s dance contest.  Don’t laugh!  Okay, Okay  –  go ahead.

In this book, she also talks about her start on JERSEY SHORE and how she’s always wanted to be famous, but never knew the show would make her as famous as she is today.  She is very sweet, humble and thanks EVERYONE who made it possible and even watched the show.  Seriously – Snooki really is a sweet gal.  🙂  She says in the book she can’t stay mad at people for long or she feels bad.  That’s how she is.  She loves helping others, and enjoys being a great person.


So if you want to know more about JERSEY SHORE’s behind the scenes or things that went on – check out the book!  Again, I recommend it.  It’s funny, fun, and interesting.  I know my thoughts on this book are kind of all over the place but I’m going page by page and talking about things I kind of put a small mark next to that interested me and I wanted to write about so bare with me.  🙂


She talks about life away from the camera.  Her real every day normal life – that as I said – is before kids and marriage so this book is kind of old. She talks about loving airplane rides (which you would have to drug me for because I’m terrified of planes but want to eventually fly to Greece and Hawaii someday).  😦 She talks about things she WON’T travel without.  Her favorite places to visit when she’s not filming or doing something for T.V. and interviews.  She talks about her party life and meeting different celebs (photos included for your entertainment) – and she had me laughing so hard when she talked about NEW YEARS EVE 2011 – and how she was put in to this clear ball hanging above a huge crowd of people, and she was sure people could see straight up in to her “southern area”.  lmfao!  Love her sense of humor.  🙂

She talks about guys – the good, the bad and the ugly.  She talks about her worst high school moments.  Those were REALLY interesting. I hope I’m making you want to check out this book for yourself now. Like I said, even if it could have been better written – it was a great entertainment for me, made me laugh, and was a lot of fun to read – and maybe that’s what she was going for.  A goofy, fun, non-serious type of book.  Entertaining.  PICK IT UP AND CHECK IT OUT MY LOVES !!!!!!

She shares work out tips in here as well.

Her favorite snacks while working out are things I probably would have never thought of because I’m always trying to work out and eat heathier  -which usually doesn’t happen because I have kids who LOVE pizza, and junk – are:

Rice cakes and Peanut butter

Celery and dip

Broccoli with ranch dressing

I have never thought of those and I am totally planning to hit the gym more and get those in to my diet!  THANK SNOOKI!  🙂

BTW – She used to be a cheerleader!  I wanted to be a cheerleader in elementary school and was going for tryouts until I found out we had to wear skirts. I wasn’t much of a skirt fan in elementary school. I was a total tomboy with a girlie girl attitude. LOL!  That has changed today and I don’t mind wearing skirts now – I just have to tone my legs.  🙂  And -maybe brave a tanning bed ONCE!!!!  Ha.


One part of this book that was totally ALL ME AND FOR ME as I READ IT – was when she said that a woman can TOTALLY look cute when dressed in SPORTS GEAR. A baseball cap, jersey and such.  I’m a SPORTS kind of gal , so I love my baseball caps to the back – jerseys, and cute tight jeans!  🙂  GO STEELERS! GO CUBS! GO BEARS!  Don’t mess with my teams!  Some hoop earrings and lip gloss make you even cuter during the games you watch live or on T.V. ladies.  GO FOR IT. I love the SPORTS look and I think I rock it pretty well.  That’s just me though.  🙂


OUTSIDE OF THE CAMERA – was about her chill time. Down time.  Times she has nothing to do and just kicks back and relaxes like a normal chick.  She claims she’s not really a party girl.  Shocker, right?  (lol)!  She says she has days where she wants to party and tear sssssh up – but she’s really a homebody.  She likes to be at home in bed watching movies )(can’t argue with her there).  I’m not a party gal either.  🙂 She would rather be with her friends and family, or spooning with her cats.  Eh. As cute as cats are, I’m not really a cat person.  I once had a cat named NaLa, and she peed on almost everything. I had to get rid of almost everything – after getting rid of her.  She used to cuddle up on top of my son when my oldest son was little – and she’d fall asleep next to him, which was adorable – but other than that – that peeing thing got on my nerves!  A vet said she might be jealous of the baby (my oldest son when he was little) because she never did that peeing crap all over before I brought my oldest son home from the hospital after he was born, so who knows?!  Still, I had to cut her time at my place short after that.  I gave her to a shelter.  So, Snooki having and loving cats – can’t agree with her there!

Snooki talks about the things that keep her  SANE in this crazy world.  One thing she mentions that I had NO IDEA about (and , I’m pretty sure neither did you) – is that Snooki  was adopted when she was 6 – and talks about how her adopted parents are her best friends, and let her be herself.  🙂  Total awesomeness as  I say  !!!!   She says her mom is one of her best friends, and she’s a daddy’s girl.

I also bet you didn’t know that Snooki LOVES animals and was working as a vet tech before Jersey Shore started.  She says in the book that she wants to eventually finish school and open her own animal hospital.  🙂

FUN FACT!  Snooki was once an ALTER GIRL in church.  DON’T LAUGH but I’m going to share this with all of you reading this. SO WAS I!  Yes, COOKIE was also an ALTER GIRL.  I sure was.  I lit the candles before services. I helped the priest with the communion services. I helped with bulletins and such. I put the candles out after services – all while wearing one of those long White  Alter boy / Alter girl robes.  LOL!  Okay, STOP LAUGHING.  It’s not THAT funny.  🙂

She says that her girls also keep her sane!  I would have to agree with that as well.  My girls are my life and I know I can go to them , talk to them about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING and they always make me laugh or feel better.  Heck!  When something happens to one of us, we’re always like “GROUP CHAT!” – and we do that most of the time so we can all talk about whatever’s going on with one of us.  My girls totally keep me sane!


Another thing in this book that had me laughing harder than I should have is when she wrote at the bottom, “WHAT IF I JUST OPENED THE WINDOW AND SCREAMED, IT’S MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOW?”.

May I add how ANNOYING that commercial is?!  UGH.

Last but not least, she talks about her goals – things she wants to accomplish in life.  Some she already has.  Getting married and having kids!  Like I said – this book was written before all that obviously.  I imagine now she’s a house mom and wife and truly isn’t a party gal anymore (special occasions only).



So – I did enjoy reading this book, looking at photos of things she’s done, seen, etc. and all the excitement in the book.  Yo!  CHECK IT OUT and enjoy for yourself.


Much love SNOOKI for the book and some entertainment before the books I have on hold come in, and for the laughs I had (some in the car reading the book and laughing alone looking goofy).  🙂



I recommend the book and you should all check It out.  Like I said, it’s entertainment and it’s fun/funny.



That being said – there’s a review for ya!  I need to get ready to go get my children from school, and I still have clothes sitting in the dryer, so let me get out of here but I hope for a quick write and review – you all enjoyed.  Y’all come back now – ya hear?!



d117329By the way, as I finished writing this post – it became pretty and sunny outside. See what I mean, Bi-polar weather. Good Lord!


I will write a more in depth post about things going on within the next few days.  My life is up in the air right now and crazy.  Give me a weekend and I’ll get that blog post out to all of you about any updates with my kids, myself, and so on.


Until next time, Live – love – be happy.

Carli “Cookie”.


















Most people ARE good.



The last post I wrote, was a sad one.  I was hurt.  I was ANGRY.  I was upset.  I was lost – as I watched the story unfold of those who lost their lives, were traumatized, and beyond – in this Florida school shooting on Valentine’s Day.   The funerals for those who lost their lives that day (14 teenagers and 3 staff members) have begun.


As heartbroken as I still am over this, I was listening to a country song yesterday that made me want to cry, but also made me smile at the same time because I truly believe in my heart – that the words in this song are true.  Despite the evil that some do in this world, and despite the recent violent shootings that have made the news, or any other news stories that break hearts all over because of sick, twisted people out there – I truly believe that MOST PEOPLE ARE GOOD.



That being said,  I wanted to share some positivity here with something I saw this morning and think is completely beautiful.  I totally LOVE hearing and reading stories of people like CHANCE THE RAPPER – and many other celebs who made it big, have tons of money and fame, are very much successful – but yet – remain good.  Remain humble.  Use their success and fame, use their money they’ve worked hard for to give back and help others.  I wanted to share some of these stories of inspirational – amazing celebs who did just that, and used what they had for “RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS”.   I think they deserve some publicity for it, and much love.  It’s not often we see anyone these days do RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS, or help others – so when someone does – ESPECIALLY a celeb who doesn’t have to , or who has the world at their fingertips and decides to give others the world – it does prove that there is still good in this world.  Good people still DO exist.





One of Chicago’s very own who made it big and remains humble!  I am proud to say I am from the same city as this young man.  Out of MANY of the great things he has done with his fame and financial success – one thing I admire – is how he donated so much money to Chicago Public schools in much need of it – one of the schools – was my oldest daughters high school last year.  He has done so many things for kids all over Chicago and the world, and has done his best to make sure he uses his success to give back constantly.  We love you Chance!   🙂





Between going out of his way to return a student’s lost ID, and helping a trio of Girl scouts sell Cookies, Hanks has become well known for his generous spirit.  For Hanks, “Random acts of Kindness”, have become a “signature move” for the actor.  His latest was asking a young woman named Nikki to marry a young man named Ryan (as a favor to Ryan himself – a fan of Hanks), and to Tom’s delight, the young woman said YES!  Hanks was in Texas promoting his new short story collection when he did this favor for the young man.  🙂  We love you Tom!





During a 2 year battle with Cancer, 9 – year old Catie Hock of Albany, NY found comfort in the magical world of Harry Potter.  She even received many emails from British Author J.K. ROWLING, who had learned of Catie’s battle.  In may 2000, when ROWLING got word that this young girl would NOT survive to see the not-yet published 4th potter book, the author made a series of calls from the U.K. reading the non-published book to Catie herself.  We love you J.K. ROWLING.  🙂





When Sandra Bullock heard this year that SVEN Peterson – the former 86 year old pool manager at the Beverly Hills hotel – was now homeless and living in his car, she donated $5,000 to a GOFUNDME page set up in Peterson’s name, and wrote “Everything is going to be Okay”.   Some may not think that $5,000 is much for someone who has so much money but I GUARANTEE that it’s half of what this man needed or what he may have been asking for, and I guarantee it helped him a LOT.  So, We love you, Sandra!  🙂





Long time comedian and actor Mo’Nique has had a long time involvement with “My sister’s house” – a South Carolina shelter for female victims of Domestic Violence.  She has hosted a surprise RED CARPET even for shelter residents, complete with professional make overs and educational scholarships.  Such an inspiration!  We love you Mo’Nique! 🙂







“Dark Knight Riding” star – Christian Bale – visited with and comforted recovering victims of the 2012 Aurora, Colorado – movie theatre shooting.  He says, “It was highly important to me because I couldn’t help but feel a personal connection when that happened”.  His BATMAN movie was playing on the screen at the time of the tragedy.  He says, “It just felt essential for my own sanity” (to visit the recovering victims).  We love you, Christian!  🙂





Garth Brooks notice a commotion during his July 2017 performance in Oklahoma City, so he stopped his singing to see what was going on.  Discovering one of the audience members named Drew – had just proposed to his girlfriend Chelsea, and was now engaged – the country music Hall of famer offered to pay for the couple’s Hawaii honeymoon.  We love you, Garth Brooks!  🙂






In 2016, CHER responded to the contaminated water crisis in Flint, MI. by donating more than 180,000 bottles of water, distributed to Flint’s low – income housing residents, community centers, food banks and firehouses.  “This is a tragedy of staggering proportion and it’s shocking that it’s happening in the middle of our country”, said the Oscar winner.   We love you, CHER!  🙂







A Pvt. (Resha K.) was fresh out of school and awaiting deployment to Iraq in 2007 when a new story described her efforts to acquire an education through the military service.  Alec Baldwin was so moved after reading it, that he personally tracked down the young soldier, and pledged to her college fund education himself.  Baldwin’s spokesperson says that the actor’s gesture was motivated by the thought of his own daughter, Ireland.  We love you, Alec!  🙂







In 2014, a Twitter user named Brandi tweeted Oprah Winfrey about her love for a dress Oprah wore on the cover of Essence magazine, jokingly asking the megastar if she might have it for herself. “I know u won’t wear it again,” she wrote. Oprah’s response: “You’re right I won’t wear ever again contact my asst. and show her this tweet.” Within a week, the dress belonged to Brandi.  This is just one of MANY things this amazing woman has done for others.  We love you, Oprah!  🙂







In 2016, Madonna shared her Thanksgiving dinner with LGBT teens at Brooklyn’s Ali Forney Center, an organization serving homeless LGBT youth. “Everyone deserves to be loved and everyone deserves a home,” wrote the pop icon on her Instagram page.  We love you, Madonna!   🙂





We’ll always love you.  🙂




While most people think so negative of Marilyn Manson – someone else had something very much positive and inspirational to say about him.  NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER.  We love you, Marilyn !   🙂



These are just a few celebs who prove there are still good HUMBLE people in this world and those who use their success to do good for others and give back.


There are many people in this world who are not successful, don’t have much, and can’t afford much but who would still do anything for anyone because there ARE good people in this world – and I truly believe that MOST OF US are.  I do my best to help others any time I can even if I don’t have much.  Even if it’s my last $1…. if I have it, it’s yours!  If you need it, it’s yours.  I’ve taught my children the same values and morals.  If you see someone who is struggling and has LESS than you, and you can do something to make them smile, make their lives easier, and to help – DON’T HESITATE.  I think I mentioned one time that I watched my son give his last $1 to a homeless man one time in an alley.  I mentioned one time that he took off his gloves one time to give them to his little sister whose hands were cold, because she forgot hers in another jacket at home.  My 9 year old is always asking me if I have money on me to give to a homeless person when we see one and I always give her at least something to give the person.  It teachers her that no matter what amount it is, or what you can do to help someone – you should.  Even if you’re not a famous person with tons of money.  If you can do it – do it.


Most people ARE good in this world and WILL help any way they can, so despite the sadness and heartache I had to write about the other day, I wanted to share some positivity like I said on my blog, put a smile on some of your faces, and inspire you all – celeb or regular person – to do something good for someone else.  To help someone else in any way you can.  This world is so ugly and sometimes, people are so mean – and with all the evil going on these days, we NEED more good people in the world.  We need to be the good people in this world who show others that they still exist.  I believe – just like the country song says – that MOST PEOPLE ARE GOOD, and I want us all to prove that and just do any RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS we can do for others.



And , with that – I love you ….. and as the services and funerals are getting underway in Florida for the victims of the high school shooting on Valentine’s day – I ask that you all speak kinder to one another, hold your children tighter and love them tons, be thankful for them and your loved ones, and always tell those you love – that you love them because you never know when it may be the last time you get to see or speak to them.



Thoughts and prayers again to the families of those who lost loved ones, and to everyone else going through the tragedy in Florida.  Heaven gained 17 new angels.






Until next time,

Carli “Cookie”.

When Evil enters a place that’s supposed to be “safe”.

I wish I could say “Good” afternoon loves – but it is FAR from a “GOOD” one.


I had an entire HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY post that I wrote yesterday with some funny stories about my kids, some funny conversations I’ve had with them recently, and so much more I just wanted to share and talk about.  I wanted to get some inspiration going because that’s what I do.  If I see something inspiring, hear something inspiring, think of something inspiring – I SHARE.  Which is why my blog is called “Carli Sweetheart Inspires”.  Not only do I share my own stories, and things going on in my own life that may motivate and inspire all of you or let you know that you’re not alone if you’re going through something, but I also like to inspire with words of love, hope, wisdom, and beyond.  So, as I said, Yesterday I had this great HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY post written and started it yesterday morning.  I had a few things to do as well as work yesterday so I was going to finish it and post it last night.  I never got the chance, and my heart was no longer in it.


Any one who may have been watching T.V. around 2:30 PM yesterday afternoon, may have seen the BREAKING NEWS on almost EVERY CHANNEL.



As it flashed across the screen and I watched – I was glued to the T.V.


I PRAYED for everyone to get out safe.  I prayed for shooter to be caught before he could do any damage.  I prayed for this to end quickly and for parents to be reunited with their children.  Their students in the school.  I heard that the school went in to LOCKDOWN mode right away and that the shooting started about 10 minutes before school was set to let out.  I was listening as they went on and on and said they THINK they know who the shooter is and that he may be a FORMER student who was kicked out of that high school last year.  I listened as the news reports were saying parents were starting to arrive, or were already there panicking because their children inside the school weren’t responding to text messages or answering their phones.  Parents weren’t being allowed any where near the school, and I listened as some parents talked to reporters saying that their children DID text them saying they were safe, and hiding.  They were safe and saw some people who had been shot – dead.  One guy was there looking for his little sister who attends the high school.  Waiting for her to come out.  They showed photos of parents hugging each other.  Parents crying.  Students when they were finally released – hugging and crying.  Parents and students shaken up and scared.


As I watched more and more of this story and new information came in, they announced there were MULTIPLE CASUALTIES, but couldn’t say how many at that moment.  They showed the shooter being arrested and taken in to custody.  They talked about the Coastal guards, F.B.I., Homeland security – getting involved.  As this was all going on, my own kids were still in their schools.  (One in high school, and two in elementary).  As a parent, I shook.  I was in shock.  I was scared.  I was in tears.  The sad reality is that so many school shootings (Sandy Hook that took the life of teachers and 20 first graders, Virginia Tech, Kentucky at another school recently and so many others) – have happened before – and sadly, this will probably continue to happen all over the world as their are some sick , twisted people out there.   😦  As a parent, I fear every day when my kids get out of my car and walk in to school.  As a parent, this is something I think we all try not to think about, or we keep in the back of our minds and pray it just never happens at our own children’s schools.  As a parent, my heart broke in to a million pieces watching this BREAKING NEWS yesterday, and I cried so hard.  I was shattered.  This is happening too often now, and it wasn’t the first time, and won’t be the last that a school shooting has taken lives of children who are doing the right thing and trying to get an education.  Kids are killed in a place that EVERY CHILD AND TEENAGER should be safe!!!!!!  I have noticed that across the nation, every time something like this happens – people point fingers.  People place blame.  People say, “we should do this or that to prevent it from happening again”, but – besides talking about it – what is ANYONE doing about it???????


As I watched this, I lost track of time, and my son called me to find out where I was because he does crossing guard patrol and didn’t see my car there to pick him and his sister up.  He knew I was crying and he asked what happened?  I told him about the school shooting and how I was watching it, and told him I’d be there to get him and her soon.  He said Okay, and hung up.  At that moment, I thanked GOD.  I thanked God that it WASN’T my children’s schools (my oldest daughter’s high school nor my middle children’s elementary school).  I thanked God that my son was alive and well and able to call me to see where I was, and that I was able to go pick up my children with no incidents or horrible events like that on the T.V. yesterday afternoon.  It was at that moment that when I tried – I couldn’t even imagine those parents who were waiting for their kids to come out of that school, or to text them back.  To answer their calls…. those parents who had no idea where their child was during the shooting as they stood outside of the school trying to see any signs of their children.  I couldn’t imagine not being able to get ahold of my kids during a situation like this at their schools.  I couldn’t imagine.   I was hurting for these parents.  I was hurting for these children who now have to fear going to school.  One father said his son was fine but at the time when he didn’t know if he was or not,  all he kept thinking about was how he tells his son every morning that he loves him, and yesterday morning – he forgot as he was in a rush and his son jumped out of the car.


I can’t imagine.


I sit here and cry as I write this as well.  It’s a parents WORST nightmare to hear from any source that your child’s school has been shot up and is on LOCKDOWN.  To arrive, be stopped by Police, and you can’t get a hold of your kid.  I can’t imagine.  I don’t WANT to imagine.  As many pictures go up on the internet and on the news today after a sad tragedy not only on VALENTINE’S DAY yesterday (which will never be the same for parents and those students again), but also it being ASH Wed.  I think SOMETHING needs to change.  SOMETHING needs to happen to prevent any other school shootings.  If that means we hire more security on every floor in every school – DO IT.  If that means ARMING our security guards in schools – DO IT.  If they need to shoot a shooter before a shooter gets to shoot anyone – DO IT.  If that means hiring OFF-DUTY police officers for our schools – DO IT.  If that means NOBODY can get in to the school, walk to the main office or walk the halls without security by their side – DO IT.  WHATEVER IT TAKES, LET’S FIGHT FOR IT. LET’S DO IT  -so that this may be prevented from happening ever again.   I hear so many people or whoever talking about GUN CONTROL.   IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU DON’T LET A DANGEROUS PERSON BUY GUNS OR NOT.  They have friends and family with guns.  They can easily get their hands on a gun if they really want one to do this kind of damage with.  We need PEOPLE CONTROL.  We need a way to guard our children, protect our children – WHILE THEY’RE AT SCHOOL.  WHATEVER IT COSTS.  WHATEVER IT TAKES.  LET’S FRIGGIN’ DO IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am totally all for it and for fighting to have OFF-DUTY ARMED OFFICERS in our schools.  I am ready to do whatever I can to make sure this doesn’t happen at not only my kids schools – but schools everywhere else as well.   This breaks my heart and I am ready to take a stand as a parent and do SOMETHING.  I have no idea what, or how to get started but best believe, I’m on it.


As I continued to follow this story through-out the evening hours,  17 people had already lost their lives.  A few adults, but mostly students.  I can’t even imagine those parents not knowing that when their kids walked out of the house, or got out of their cars yesterday morning, they didn’t know that would be the last time they hugged them, kissed them, said they loved them, said GOODBYE to them forever.  I can’t imagine being a child or teenager – going to school happy to see friends, and just get through another day of learning, not knowing today is their last day on this earth.  It’s ridiculous!!!!  This has got to stop!   I remember watching other school shootings through-out the years and just crying and crying.  It was no different yesterday.   Again, my heart went out to those students and victims – those parents.  Those teachers, and my God – those first responders who had to witness bodies laying there IN A SCHOOL WHERE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE SAFE.   My words are running out because I just don’t have any more left to say.  What can I say???????????????  You would think after all these other school shootings, action would have been taken in schools all over to prevent this from happening.  I don’t care if people say IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE THE SAFEST AREA EVER  – or “we never thought this would happen in our little town”.  Sad truth is, IT CAN HAPPEN ANY WHERE at ANY TIME and we need to be prepared.  Our schools need to be prepared.  Our school security and staff need to be ARMED.  That’s how I feel.  Sad but true.  I say we arm our security and teachers.  I say in the event that there’s a shooter in the school, the school staff are well prepared to take him or her down right away !!!!!!


It made me raise questions about the security at my own children’s school.  The elementary school.  My son and I spoke about this yesterday.  Either way, this news yesterday broke me down, and today – and the days that follow as the victims families plan funerals and the news may show it all happening – I am not only heart broken – but ANGRY.  I just don’t understand HOW this former student was able to take 17 lives before he was stopped.  HOW he got in ?   How he was allowed to get to the 3rd floor where it was said he went right away – without being stopped or spotted, or questioned?!  HOW??????????????????????????????????  That’s where security or staff should have came in to play and nobody saw anything before the shooting started?????   As sad as it is, we need to have more security walking our halls in the schools.  We need cameras and someone watching those cameras at all times.  We need better communication skills between staff members and security.  Maybe headsets or walkie talkies – SOMETHING to be done so a guard can maybe alert a hall guard and say, “hey, this guy on camera I’m watching on this floor doesn’t look like he belongs here.  How did he get in .  .?  Go check him out” – and guards on that floor are on alert and on it.  WE NEED A NEW SYSTEM in our schools.   NOW!!!!!    I am so sick of hearing about GUN CONTROL and how we can prevent this if we have tougher gun laws.  NO WE CAN’T!  People who want to commit crimes, who are sick in the head, and who want to do things like this – find a gun any way they can – EVEN IF THEY CAN’T buy one on their own.   GUN CONTROL and tougher gun laws won’t do anything against a sick minded person with a plan on a mission to murder.


I am ANGRY.  I am ANGRY that this happened again at yet – another school.  I was scrolling through Insta yesterday and one person I admire and follow is JODI SWEETIN.  Let me share her venting because I totally understood and felt her aggravation.   Jodi on her Instagram account wrote yesterday:

“This is NOT normal. 17 kids died today at school.  AT SCHOOL.  Fu** your thoughts and prayers. Fu** your hashtags and IG posts about how sad it all is.  There are a million “why’s” – and fingers to point blame.  Our children are growing up in a world where they have to prepare to die when they go to school.  Adults have grown apathetic to reading about yet another school shooting.  Many of them probably have no idea just how many there have been this year, because it happens so often, we just skip over the ones where nobody dies.  There are parents and families out there grieving an unimaginable loss, yet again – because we just move on.  I’m angry.  I’m heartbroken.  This is not the world that existed in my youth, and I refuse to accept it for my girls.  Now, what do we do about it?  I don’t know if there’s an answer.  But, I know we’re broken.  And – the realization of just how broken we are is the worst heartbreak of all.  Also,  YES  – I know I used profanity.  There are NO other words to express how angry and upset I am.  So please, if you came here to critique my choice of words, now is not the time.  I think we all have bigger things to worry about”.


I didn’t read it and think anything negative about her choice of words.  As a matter of fact, I friggin’ APPLAUD her for her choice of words and as ANGRY and upset , heartbroken, etc. that I am right now (especially having 4 children myself) and knowing this could happen again anywhere – I am very much on the defense right now, and think that it is BRAVE what she says, her choice of words, and how she takes a stand against all of this knowing we have a problem here in this world and SOMETHING needs to be done as I’ve said above.  One thing I did read in her words that completely ripped my heart to pieces, is when she says, “THIS IS NOT THE WORLD THAT EXISTED IN MY YOUTH”.  I grew up in the 90’s, and when I was going to school – elementary, high school, even college – we had FIRE DRILLS.  We had TORNADO DRILLS.  We had practice for what to do in certain kinds of WEATHER or so forth… but NEVER did we EVER need to have a drill or practice on what do to in the case of a SCHOOL SHOOTING.  NEVER.  That was NOT the world that existed in my OWN youth so I totally was very heart-felt on what she said right there.  To know that my own children are growing up in a world where they have come out of school a few times and told me they had LOCKDOWN DRILLS (just in case) of a shooter – breaks my heart.  My kids do have LOCKDOWN drills at their schools – and it’s something that NO SCHOOL any where should have to deal with or teach their students how to act in case of a shooter.  We never had that when I was growing up because schools were a SAFE PLACE.


I remember one day my 9 year old coming out of school and telling me they had a LOCKDOWN practice. I asked what they did.  She told me what her teacher made the class do.  It broke my heart and I shed a few tears that day as I drove her home from school because my 9 year old was asking me questions, and I didn’t even know how to answer.  It broke my heart because my 9 year old shouldn’t have to worry about a shooter or being hurt at SCHOOL.


A child can’t even go to school anymore – a parent can’t even send their child to school anymore – and not worry or wonder if today may be the day their child’s school goes on lockdown because of an active shooter?  Or if their children will be killed at school today?   SERIOUSLY?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes!  I’m right there along with Jodi Sweetin and everyone else who is getting angry and outraged at these school shootings taking place more frequently.  But like she said – NOW WHAT?  WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT?   It’s time someone takes a stand.  It’s time we ALL figure out what to do and how to make our schools safer – stronger – more aware – on alert.


Parents were asked later in the afternoon to go to a certain spot because students were being bussed there – and I can’t imagine how parents felt if they didn’t see their students getting off one of the buses.  How their hearts must have sank.  How the news must have hit them if their student was one of the fatalities.  I NEVER want to go through that as a parent as I’m sure NONE of us do.  God be with them all…..


I also want to take this time to show love and support to the families of the victims and send love from Chicago.  My thoughts and prayers are with those who had to hear the awful news last night that their loved ones didn’t make it.


Jaime Guttenburg.


Student Jamie Guttenberg is the first confirmed fatality. Local outlet ABC News 10 reported that Guttenberg’s parents were notified that she died in the shooting after they had shared pictures of her on social media in hopes of locating her amidst the panic. Guttenberg’s Facebook page has since been turned into a memorial. Her brother Jesse Guttenberg is reported to be alive.

Her father, Fred, shared the tragic news in a Facebook post.
“My heart is broken. Yesterday, Jennifer Bloom Guttenberg and I lost our baby girl to a violent shooting at her school. We lost our daughter and my son Jesse Guttenberg lost his sister. I am broken as I write this trying to figure out how my family get’s through this. We appreciate all of the calls and messages and we apologize for not reacting to everyone individually. Jen and I will be figuring things out today and so we ask that you respect out privacy. We will be getting messages out later regarding visitation. Hugs to all and hold your children tight.”


Chris Hixon


The Sun-Sentinel reported that the Athletic Director Chris Hixon was  shot during the attack. Other outlets, including the Daily Mail are reporting that Hixon has died. The school’s athletic staff have confirmed he was among those with gunshot wounds.


Aaron Feis



Football coach Aaron Feis was among the first victims identified but was reported to be alive. Students told The Miami Herald that he was shot shielding them from gunfire. “We lost a football coach today,” Sheriff Israel told reporters, but did not name Feis. He was later reported to be alive but in critical condition by CBS12.  Fies died at the hospital early Thursday morning.


Martin Duque


A 14-year-old freshman, he was at school Wednesday and died in the shooting. His older brother Miguel, who graduated from Douglas High last year, shared the news via an Instagram post early Thursday morning. “Words can not describe my pain,” he wrote. “I love brother Martin you’ll be missed buddy.”


Gina Montalto


A 14-year-old freshman, served on the school’s winter guard team. She died late Wednesday night, friends and family confirmed on social media. Montalto had been missing after the shooting and was not answering her phone.
One of her color guard instructors from middle school, Manuel Miranda, posted about her death Wednesday night.
“My heart is broken into pieces. I will forever remember you my sweet angel,” Miranda told the Miami Herald. Miranda taught Montalto last year at Westglades Middle School in Broward. “She was the sweetest soul ever. She was kind, caring always smiling and wanting to help.”
The Stoneman Douglas winter guard group was scheduled to perform at a regional event in Tampa this weekend.


Nicholas Dworet




A senior who had just received a swimming scholarship to the University of Indianapolis, was killed. Glenn Greenwald, a journalist with The Intercept, shared the news on Twitter.


Meadow Pollack

BBJbgQo She was a senior, planned to attend Lynn University​. She was confirmed dead early Thursday. “Please say a prayer for the family of an amazing girl I got to call my bestfriend growing up,” posted her friend Gii Lovito on Facebook. “Her life was taken way too soon and I have no words to describe how this feels.”


Joaquin Oliver


17, was born in Venezuela and moved to the U.S. at the age of three with his family. He had become a U.S. citizen in Jan. 2017.
His Instagram account includes several photos with his mother and sister, with whom he was extremely close. His girlfriend Victoria González confirmed he was killed in the massacre.



I received this information online that I’m now posting here for some of you who may not have seen it yet.  However, while only 12 so far of the 17 killed have been Identified, photos are not being released of the other victims until family members are notified properly, and permission to release those photos are given according to this source.


I ask that you all fight to protect this from happening again and anything you think you can do that may help keep our schools and our children safe – speak up about it and let your ideas and thoughts be heard.  Let’s make a chance in our school systems and the way we do things – and let’s stop this from happening again.  I myself – will also be figuring out a way to end the school shootings from this moment on, and I ask that you all do anything you can think of for the families and victims of this shooting in any way you can.   Let’s love, support, honor, respect and just be kind to one another and for the love of God -PLEASE tell your children and loved ones every single night and morning that you love them.  Hug them tighter and longer.  Give them tons of kisses and support.  Speak kindly to them, because you just NEVER know when tragedy will take place and it may be the last time you speak to or get to see someone.




I CAN’T EVEN SAY ANTHING ELSE.  I’M PRETTY MUCH SPEECHLESS , still so heartbroken, and angry at this point.


My thoughts and love, prayers, etc. to all those who lost loved ones yesterday and will have to learn how to heal from here.


Not only does this make me think about SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, but how shootings around the world sometimes happen in places that are SUPPOSED TO BE SAFE.  Just like the CHURCH shooting earlier this year that killed many – included INNOCENT KIDS in Texas.


I wish I could have shared my happy VALENTINE’S DAY post yesterday with some funny stuff and love – but I just couldn’t after all this happened and my heart wasn’t even in to V-day anymore.  However,  I will share that my wonderful and big hearted 15 year old asked me to take him to the store early yesterday morning to get his girlfriend some things.  He even asked me to go inside with him because as he said, “mom, I don’t know what girls like.  I need your help picking some stuff for her” . I thought that was the cutest thing ever and I was proud to have him ask for my help – and to help him.  He went straight for the RED roses, and I stopped him and told him me personally – being a female – every guy usually gets a woman RED ROSES.  They’re too ORINGIAL and plain.  I told him to pick between some PEACH roses, Mixed roses of every color the store had, OR  a dozen of the blended White and Pink roses.


He told me I was right, and got her these!  They were beautiful and I knew she’d like them.  He then grabbed her a teddy bear, and a bunch of her favorite candies.  I will share this funny with you to get rid of all the negative crap I saw yesterday and that you just read above.  To lighten the mood and make you giggle a bit.  So, as we’re standing in the candy isle – he told me she loves SWEDISH FISH.  I grabbed him two bags and handed it to him.  He saw a bigger bag on the shelf and asked me to grab it.  I did and as I was reaching to grab the two bags I had already handed him to put them back on the shelf because he had the bigger bag, he stopped me and said he was getting her ALL 3 bags. He then asked me to grab him a bag of Reese’s because she loves those, and as I did that – he grabbed a box of Rocher’s.  I asked if that was all for her?  He said YES.  I laughed and asked if he was planning to pay her DENTAL bills?   Geesh!   She loved it though.  I saw her after school yesterday and she thanked me for helping him pick those out and said she was so happy.  🙂  She’s a nice girl who comes from a nice strict family so I was happy my Frankie made her happy.  He also used his own money he earned himself.  He’s a great kid.



And, while I totally didn’t expect it because we’re no longer together, my youngest son’s father also surprised me with some V-day goodies.


He knows I love Mickey Mouse, and said he couldn’t resist picking these up.  🙂 That Emoji pillow had me laughing. It totally reminds me of myself when I start laughing so hard (sometimes for no reason) and have tears coming out of my eyes.  LOL!!!!


Okay, so – don’t laugh!!!  🙂  I was driving and I was starving.  I hadn’t eaten in a few hours so I opened the chocolates he gave me (they came in the Mickey tin above), and this package you see there – but when I opened them (because I was driving) -I wasn’t really paying attention.  So, I grabbed one out of the package – and popped it in to my mouth without looking.  It had the wrapper on it that you also see above and I quickly tasted that, took it out of my mouth, looked at it – and started laughing.  I laughed so hard , I was in tears (just like the Emoji pillow) – and I probably looked like an idiot driving and laughing alone.  LMAO!  It was one of those, “you had to be there” – moments.


He and I may not be together, but we have a strong bond now that he acts right (LMAO) – and we have a beautiful son so I guess I can say we’re friendly towards one another.  No drama.


And before I get out of here – let me share one last photo and say that despite what happened in Florida yesterday at the high school – I hope all of you had a great V-day, your loves spoiled the heck out of you, and you were loved on lots.  🙂



I know V-day may not be the same for some families , parents , surviving victims, etc. of this shooting – but I ask all of you others out there to please not let EVIL take away your love for this day.

Happy BELATED V-day all of you.

Prayers for Florida.

All my love………

Carli “Cookie”







Some funnies and updates.



It is a blessing to be back here and able to have the time to sit down and write again after a very busy January.  Oh – mah – good – ness!  LOL


January was pretty swell.  This year has been pretty swell so far.  A bit of craziness , no time for anything it seems like, and being a single mom of 4 kids – I write with my eyes half closed some of the time (because of how tired I am).  I thank the good Lord for coffee.  I actually just got a huge new coffee mug that says “COFFEE THERAPY” – and believe me ,  I NEED it.  Ha.  🙂  With all the things going on, all the craziness , running around , work , errands , being a mom, and doing what I do – I have still went in to 2018 feeling pretty positive , happy , and hopeful.  I am doing my best to only surround myself with happy and positive people and those who uplift me.  I am doing my best not to get in to anything negative or deal with any negative people.  You have to be careful who you associate yourself with because the negativity can bring you and your spirits down more than you may know.  It can drain your energy.  People can drain your energy, so just be careful with those who are always defensive , negative , and want to drag you in to their web of negative.   I love you all by the way and I’m so happy you’re back here joining me for this post.  So , feeling positive and happy , hopeful – I hope all of you are joining me in that as well.  New year, new you?…..




It has been snowing, and that wind chill – WOW!  Goes right through your bones and makes you shiver.  This weather – I swear – SMH.  Mother Nature is Bi-Polar.  One day, we’re wearing sweaters and allowing our kids to play in the park because it’s so nice outside, and the next day – we’re scraping ice off our car windows, and slipping all over the roads.  I am NOT a fan of summer – believe it or not – but I also can’t stand this deep freeze and snow stuff either.  My loves – please keep your babies and children bundled up , no matter how decent it feels outside.  This nasty FLU epidemic is still going around and the number of deaths of children because of it this season has been depressing.  Never think that just because the weather is warmer than usual for the season, your kids don’t have to wear jackets, gloves , or hats… etc.  I always try my best to make sure my kids are dressed accordingly and their warmest.  This FLU crap as a parent – scares me.  It scares my 15 year old.  He walks around with a face mask sometimes.  Which makes me laugh but I also can’t blame him.   Anything that seems like “just a cold”, or if your child has a fever, take them in to make sure.  Hospitals CAN do tests and see if it’s the FLU or just a simple cold.  Better to be safe than sorry.  Especially because of the fatalities this season.


That being said, I do wish all of you a very happy Feb.


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Oh – to – the – my!  Ha. Ha.  Let me tell all of you fellas something right now.   It has been said (and, I’ve always believed it) – that Valentine’s day is strictly for the lady or woman / wife in your life.  It is a day where you make HER feel special, loved, wanted, spoiled.  Where you buy HER gifts, shower her with attention and love , special dinners, etc.  It is a day where you keep a smile on HER face.  The lady in your life.  The wifey.  Whoever that special woman is.  It is NOT a day for you fellas.  You guys have SWEETEST day – where us ladies get to make you feel special, spoiled, loved, wanted, needed.  Where we shower the man in our lives with love, attention, gifts.  Valentine’s day – is OURS.  Now, if you know you have a great woman in your life who is constantly there for you, loves you like crazy, does so much for you, looks out for you, helps you when you need it, etc. etc – and the list goes on and on and on, you better bust you butt doing whatever you can to make her feel like she’s awesome.  🙂  Not many women like that come around these days fellas.  Do the most you can for her.   Speaking from a woman’s point of view.  Make that one day all about HER.  Sweetest day – she may thank you and do the same for you.  Now, if you have a great woman, she may make Valentine’s day the day she makes you feel special as well, but – in reality – it’s all about the ladies.  Some say it’s for the lovers – the couples, etc. BLAH.  You can totally use it for that if you want, but I’m old fashioned and still believe V-DAY is a day for the women – and Sweetest day is a day for the men like it’s been said in history.  So – I will say that if I have someone special in my life at some point – of course I’m going to make him feel like he’s a King on V-day if he’s super good to me all year long.  I’m just saying ladies – let the man in your life spoil you a bit and enjoy it  -and if he’s a good man  – you can go ahead and do the same for him.  🙂


Now that we’re past that…. DON’T ANYONE GO AND GET ME CHOCOLATES FOR V-DAY!   BBBwwwhahahaha.


I have been slacking.  Seriously.  It’s bad. I know.  Shame on me.  So – The holidays are WAY over.  They came and went too fast.  I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted during that time, and promised that in January of 2018 (which also came and went too fast), I was going to be at the gym 5 times a week, work out at home, walk more, eat healthier and set a goal weight for myself as I get down to it – and tone up my body.  I haven’t done any of that.  I’m still here like





No, No – I’m not doing all that.  I haven’t been eating the heathiest though.  I admit.  I haven’t been working out the way I should be, or hitting the gym the way I promised myself.  My oldest son went with me a few times and then we kind of just stopped going.  I downloaded an app that keeps track or work outs, helps you figure out what area to work on and shows you what you need to do for that area to get it back in shape, and comes with LEVELS, so when I’m not at the gym 4 nights a week, I plan to use that and see if it actually helps.  I can’t wait until the weather gets nicer to put the baby in his stroller and go for walks.  Many have told me that I look great for being a mom of four – I look great, but I don’t feel it.  Any way, this month – join me on my road to fitness as I complain , whine and get sore getting fit.  LOL!


This month is also going to be a busy one for my two oldest in the ED-U-MA-CATION area.  🙂  Yes – I just said that word!  My oldest daughter is a Senior in high school, and one of her graduation requirements is to apply for a few colleges, and get applications in by March.  It’s Feb. and she just now gave me a list of colleges she’d like my help applying to, so I’ll be doing that within the next few days.  She wants to go for Criminal Justice and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  I love the Criminal Justice field and it’s something I’ve always been interested in and went to school for as well.  I may just go back for it soon also.  She said something about us going to college together for it, and I wouldn’t object to that.  🙂  I would love for her to follow in my footsteps and for me to lead by example.  I remember one time being in a MATH class (we all know I can’t stand MATH unless I’m counting my money) Ha.. Any way, I asked the Math teacher why we need MATH for Criminal Justice jobs.  He told me that with many C.J. degrees – you can work your way up to different areas in the CJ field – and that in some fields – during investigations or homicides, etc. you have to know how far a bullet traveled – from what angle , how fast, calculate speed , and so forth.  It was just a really cool fact I learned that I wanted to share with all of you.  You use MATH when determining things like that in the CJ field.  I would have never guessed if he hadn’t told me.  So – I’ll be applying for these colleges for my daughter, and getting all the financial stuff done.  I’ll be on her butt to make sure her requirements are met and her grades are where they need to be since it’s getting closer to June.


My oldest son graduates 8th this year as well.  I almost cried when I saw him in his pants and dress shirt – tie and all when he tried it on for his graduation pictures coming up in a few days.  I’ll have a photo of that up when the time comes.   He’s already an extremely handsome boy that girls go crazy over and seeing him in a dress outfit with a tie – was like WOW to me.  🙂  We’re also taking care of high school applications and trying to figure out where he’s going.  I’m kind of disappointed because he had his heart set on Lane Tech , and I was trying to get his application going for that and figuring out test dates for the entrance exam , he tells me he no longer wants to go there and would like to go to Taft.  Taft isn’t where I want him to go, and I think he’s too smart for it – but – it isn’t a bad school and I heard it’s gotten even better over the years.   His friends are going there, and one of the guys on his basketball team (who is also an ALL STAR play like my son) – is going there and the two of them want to join the Football team together.  I guess I can’t be upset about that and I feel like wherever HE feels like he’s going to do well – that’s where I want to give him a chance to try.   Join me as I go through this craziness with graduation things, planning parties for my two oldest, losing my mind doing so (LOL), and just enjoying these moments that will come and go so very fast.  😦 My kids are getting older way too fast and my oldest will be 18 this year.  Time is flying.  In 3 years, my 9 year old (who will be 10 this year), will be a teenager!  AAAARRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…that will def. give me a bunch of things to talk about here.  HA.  The baby turns 2 this year and is so very smart.  I would be forever talking about all the new things he does and says.  🙂  Yes.  Feb. is a very busy month for us – especially the two oldest.


I also enjoy sharing funny conversations with all of you that I have with my kids.  They make me laugh SO much sometimes, and I feel so blessed to have them and these funny moments with them to share – and to hopefully make some of you giggle with as well.


I was driving home from my oldest son’s Basketball game this past Saturday , but the kids were hungry and wanted to go eat.  I was planning to go home and make something, but they wanted Mcdonald’s.  I didn’t tell them we were going where they wanted to go.  It was a surprise, and my son did great on the court that day rocking the basketball court and making the score even as he tied his team up with the other team – who was winning at first.  🙂  I was proud!  His coach was happy and proud.  He even pulled Frankie off the court for a few minutes after he tied the score – and told Frankie to take a breather.  He gave him a quick break before putting him back in because he knew how hard Frankie worked his butt off to make those points.  Any way, I was driving and my 9 year old told me she was hungry.  I told her I heard her the first time.  She says, “Well, hear me a 2nd and 3rd time”.  My two oldest were laughing so hard!  It’s very rare that they laugh at anything their little sister says, so of course… them thinking her little sarcasm was funny (I admit, it was pretty good) – I had to laugh as well.  We were all laughing after that and we had a great time at that moment.  I love seeing my kids laugh together and my two oldest sharing a good laugh with my youngest daughter.


Let me tell you about the conversation between Frankie and myself last night as I write this.  He has a little girlfriend.  I don’t say much about it because they only see each other in school and talk over the phone – so I don’t consider it too serious.  She’s a nice girl who comes from a nice family and her parents are super strict, so they don’t let her do much.  I know her pretty well, and her parents know my Frankie pretty well.  They seem to like him a lot.  He was telling me last night how his girlfriend got mad at him at recess last week – and he was telling me why.  I had to make a joke and stopped him in the middle of it telling him, “Listen. I believe if a child still has RECESS – he or she is still too young to date.  What do you guys do?  Share ice cream on the playground?”.  He lost it!  I made him laugh so hard.  LMAO.  I was laughing the same way.  He then told me, “Mom, for real – listen”.  He continued to tell me the story.  🙂  I love that my kids share things with me.   I told him last night before bed not to make her mad today and he says, “I’m going to.  I’m not going to share my ice cream with her at recess”.  Lmfao… kid cracks me up.


I also wanted to share something I feel is important.

I go to my son’s Basketball games every Saturday.  His team plays other schools and sometimes – park districts at a certain high school where the games are always held.  Last week, there were two parents in the bleachers that I felt were WAY out of line.  I wanted to share this because I know many of you reading this ARE parents and I think at games, sporting events for our kids or any events we attend – there’s a certain way we should and we SHOULDN’T act.  We’re role models for our kids and we need to be exactly that if we want them to behave accordingly.  We got to the game a little early, so Frankie – some of his team mates, the coach and myself were sitting on the bleachers watching other teams play.  Across the way, these two other parents sitting in the bleachers on the other side – were screaming their lungs out because their son was being “bullied” as they said by the other team.  They felt the other team was stopping their son from making shots or that the Refs were being UNFAIR.  They were yelling some pretty obscene and things that weren’t needed.  I just looked at them but as I watched and saw their anger and how they were acting, I wondered if their child was embarrassed by the behavior of his parents.  They started screaming at their son to do better or try harder – or screaming for him to “GET HIM. GET HIM” – talking about someone from the other team, and when their son couldn’t – or missed a shot – these parents were upset. Angry. They then got angry and started screaming at the ref – because their son was hit on accident, and the ref. didn’t do anything to the other kid who hit their son.  Pushed in to him and knocked him over.  They knocked in to each other on accident but these parents just felt like their son was the victim, and they went off – without caring who was listening or watching their behavior.  Part of me wanted to stand up and tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – if they don’t have anything nice to say – don’t say anything at all (quoting Thumper’s mother in Bambi) – LOL!  Part of me wanted to scream that if they don’t want their son hit on accident – hurt – bruised up – he’s in the WRONG sport and should maybe join BALLET!  The good Christian woman in me told me to bite my tongue and don’t say a word – so I listened to my better judgement.  It upset me though because of course, if my kid was pushed or hit – or hurt – I’d want to make sure he was Okay – but if it was clearly an accident – I know to keep my mouth shut.  HE’S A TEENAGER.  HE’S A BIG BOY.  I know injuries heal – and he’ll most likely pick himself up and get right back in the game.  If I’m screaming my lungs out at games, it’s to cheer my son on or tell him “YOU GOT THIS!  GO FRANKIE!”.  I don’t yell negativities at my son like these parents seemed to do when their child missed a shot.  Parents – please – they need our support and love.  Our children need our dedication and kind words – even if their not playing their best, doing their best.  They need us to be on OUR best behavior at all times – not just at games.  They’re watching us constantly to see what WE do.  Please – if you attend any event for your children – and things happen – things don’t go how you feel they should be – or you feel your child isn’t doing their best, BITE YOUR TOUNGES if you have nothing nice to say to or for them.  Let them do what they do , and you just sit back and watch.  DO NOT go screaming negativities , or being those kind of competitive parents in the stands that feel like your child’s best isn’t good enough.  Even when my son misses shots – I’m still screaming positives and supportive words his way.  Still cheering him on.  Heck – I was so loud screaming supportive words at him this past game – that he smiled at me, told me to SSSSHHHH as he put his finger to his lips – and laughed when I yelled, “DON’T TELL ME SSSSHHHH! I’LL COME OUT ON THE COURT AND CHEER YOU ON”.  That’s what these kids need though  -winning or losing – hurt, pushed, whatever – they need to know us parents have their back and we’re here to love and support them.  Be there for them.  Not baby them if they get pushed a bit.  Not scream negativities if they miss a point or shot  or whatever…. they need our love, cheers, support – kind words.  Not only did these two parents act crazy with the refs and coaches , but with their own child for not doing his best.  Lord only knows what they said after the game, but it breaks my heart to see parents put their children down for things like this or argue with coaches and refs at games. DONT DO IT!!!!  Let it be what it is.  If you child tries but doesn’t do the best… let it be “Great job!  I’m proud of you for trying”.  If your child gets hurt, injured during games – that’s what happens in sports.  Don’t blame the other team – the coaches – the refs.  Don’t stand there yelling and arguing.   Let it go.  If you’re not down for your child getting banged up once in a while – don’t let them play sports.  Put them in arts and crafts.  Volunteer them for something less dangerous.  But don’t go to a game yelling and screaming or trying to argue in front of other parents looking at you like you’re crazy – or other kids watching this happen.  Especially your own child who may be embarrassed as I said -or learn that angry and competitive behavior from you because your his or her parents doing the same thing.  It was ridiculous and so many parents were watching these two other parents putting their kid down.  Yelling at the coaches and refs.  Saying what they were saying.  Standing up angry and being loud.  No need for all that.  I get crazy at my son’s games  but it’s in a positive manner.  I don’t yell and scream or argue with coaches and refs.  They know what their doing and what’s going on.  I get crazy in a positive way where I’m yelling for my FRANKIE to keep his arms up , be alert  – and telling him GO FRANKIE as I said.  I cheer for his team mates who I know the names of that don’t have their families there.  They all know me because I’m that mom at every game cheering and being positive.  Motivational.  Inspirational. High fiving the team at the end.  Telling them all nice try  – good job – even if they lose.  The last two weeks though – they’ve come back strong.  So I just wanted to kind of share this because what I saw last week from these two weren’t the greatest behavior for their child or anyone to see and watch.  Parents-  again – please learn from this and DON’T behave this way.  Be positive for and in front of your children no matter what.  Don’t embarrass them or yourselves.  Win or lose – let it be what it is and keep lifting your kids up – kind words and motivation.  Don’t argue with professionals who know what they’re doing and if your child isn’t hurt on purpose – for the love of God – don’t cause a scene.  This is mainly for the parents whose kids play sports – and I know we can all get crazy and competitive but I’m not the type of parent to scream negatives or get ROWDY crazy when our team is losing.  I bite my tongue and hold my hands up to my head nervous as all heck if we’re losing – but I keep my mouth shut and pray.  🙂  We were losing this past Saturday…score was 16 to 22 with the other team having 22.  US – 16.  My Frankie killed that court and kept scoring baskets that finally tied the teams, and we won eventually.  28 to 22.



Again, I can be competitive as well – but I do it in a positive way and if we lose – if my kid gets hurt during the game- that’s part of the game.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE parents – act accordingly.  Act right.  Not only for your own self-respect and those around you but the respect of your child, and the fact that they act out what they see and sometimes – believe it or not, teenagers copy the actions or behavior of their parents even if they know right from wrong.  If the parent is acting crazy – you can’t blame your child if he or she eventually does the same.   PARENTS – at games, at events for school, whatever you do – wherever you’re at with or for your children – think before you react to any situation – and act right!  That’s all I ask.  Be a positive role model for your kids and act how you expect them to act.



One thing I loved – is that same day – my son yelled something to one of the team members we were watching because he missed a basket he could have easily made if he shot a different way, and my son saw it and said something about it.  Something negative.  My son’s coach is a positive person and role model for my son and his team – and he right away held his hand up to my Frankie , shook his head and told my Frankie not to do that.  He said something about how he wouldn’t like it if he missed the shot and someone joked about it or said something negative to him.  My son replied with, “you’re right!”.  My son shut up and didn’t do it again.  I also told my son about it and told him I didn’t want to see that negative or mean spirit come out of him again.  He agreed with me and said he knew and that coach already corrected him.  He admitted he was wrong.  Parents – make sure you only have positive role models around your kids if you can help it – and we’re their first point of contact for positivity – so if you see or hear your kids being negative – stop it – and put them in their place real quick.  Let them know you’re NOT going to accept that behavior  – but once more – they have to see us not acting negative.  Not speaking negative – no matter what the event, situation or issue is – if we want them to act right as well during things that may happen.



PEACE. POSITIVITY. LOVE. SUPPORT. ETC.  Make it happen for yourself and your children – because they learn from us – and teenagers or toddlers  -they all watch the behavior and actions of their parents.


That being said  – HAPPY MONDAY loves.



I need to get out of here and finish laundry but I wanted to share some of this with all of you, and some positivity I had some thoughts and words about regarding behavior when it comes to parenting  -so hopefully you all take my words to heart and learn from them or use them if anything.  Don’t forget to check back in often for gym and fitness updates or to hear me whine (I say that with humor) , and to see any updates on my kids and their education as they move forward with their adult lives… and so on and so on.  I love all of you who consider yourselves fans of my writings – and trust me – I’m working on my book still and hope to have it out by this year sometime…


Love you all so much and until next time,



Carli – Cookie.



Happy 15TH Birthday, Frankie :)

This good-looking boy right here –






is my son Frankie.   Yesterday was his  15th birthday.  I am so happy to have him in my life and he’s such an amazing – kind hearted, loving and great young man.  Frankie is constantly doing whatever he can to make my life easier.  He helps with his younger siblings even if I don’t ask him to.  He jumps right in and does whatever he can.  Frankie takes out the garbage – sometimes without me asking him to.  Frankie cleans.  Frankie is great at making me laugh when I’ve had a bad day and don’t even feel like smiling sometimes.   Frankie is perfect.  I truly am very much blessed to have him.  He’s a great kid.  Great grades.  Reliable. Responsible.  Usually always listens to what I say, and I don’t have any trouble with him.  He’s always happy, and is wonderful.  So , although my writing is a day late – I want to wish this kid a very very


I can’t believe he’s 15 already, and my babes are just all growing too fast for me.


This is all.  I just wanted to share it with all of you, and I want to also thank everyone who wished him a Happy Birthday yesterday.  Friends, all my family, his friends – all of you are wonderful.  🙂  Allow me to share some photos as I did my very best to make his day the very best for him.


So – January 11th, I went to the mall because he’s been dying for these Jordan’s.  J – 4’s retro or the J – 7’s.  DON’T ASK because I don’t keep up with these Jordan’s as much as he does.  He loves his J’s.  He’s been asking me for them forever now – since before Christmas.  I figured for his birthday, why not wake him up in the morning and surprise him with the shoes he’s been wanting and asking me for?  It didn’t work out that way because as I was in the mall the day before his birthday, and checked every single shoe store in it – from Foot Locker to Foot action, Champs and beyond – they all said the same thing.  SOLD OUT – NOT GETTING ANY MORE IN – but I can check online.  I didn’t want to wait for them to be shipped, and I was told that no store in the U.S. carries those anymore.  I looked around to see if maybe there were any other pairs like those that he wanted, but decided not to take the chance.  I know he and I have different taste when it comes to our J’s or shoes at all.  So, I decided to pick him up from school that same day, and surprise him by taking him to the mall with me.  When we pulled into the lot, he asked if he was getting his shoes.  I said YES.  He got totally excited and asked if I was “for real?”.  LOL  🙂  No kid – just kidding, Let’s go home.  lmfao…


I was happy to see him excited and explained that I was at the mall earlier but they didn’t have the shoes he wanted anymore, so he would have to pick out different ones.  He said that was fine.  He was just happy to be getting new shoes as an early birthday gift.  I told him I wanted to surprise him in the morning ON HIS BIRTHDAY with new shoes, but didn’t want to risk him not liking the ones I pick out. He says, “that’s good – that’s good.  You did good bringing me with you to pick out my own”.   🙂  He got these……


I stole the 2nd picture from his SC – as he was excited and put photos up right away.  🙂



They killed my pockets.  $176.00 – but he was even more excited when the dude told him, “these just came out yesterday”.  He looked at me and told me, “Mom, these just came out yesterday and I got them today.  That’s crazy”.   I laughed and told him, “No, that price is crazy”.  Seeing him happy though as I ran my card and he got his shoes – made me happy.  He then pointed at a pair of Black jeans (No – wait!  RIPPED Black jeans may I add)?  Torn all over the knees area.  He said those were next on his list and that he likes those.  I told him he has Black jeans at home.  I’ll get the scissors when we get home and he can just tell me where he wants me to cut them.  He laughed and told me it’s not the same.  Kids today.  I don’t know about their style.



My face as he talked about seriously wanting these cut up jeans…..






As we left the mall, he saw Panda Express – and you know since we were on an early birthday shopping spree – I had to.  We went there and he got himself some food.  I wished him a Happy early birthday, and we came back home.  Yesterday, as I mentioned, was his actual birthday.  I had to take a photo of him leaving for school because he looks so very handsome in his new shoes and all.  That “SHE’S MINE” hoodie – his little girlfriend has one as well that says “HE’S MINE”.  Kids!  They only see each other at school, so I don’t worry too much about it – and she’s a really nice girl that comes from a really strict home.  🙂



In his new shoes and all…..



He enjoyed his day.  I thought about going out or having his friends over, but he wanted to enjoy a nice quiet day after school – at home with family.   He home, asked me to watch a movie with him for his birthday and of course, I wouldn’t say No.  He was asleep within 10 minutes of the movie starting.   He slept for HOURS.  When he woke up, I joked and asked him,  “What do you think this is?  Your Birthday?”.   Ha.


Pizza was ordered.  I brought a cute cake.




Heck, I didn’t think he cared too much about a cake, but he came home from school and I had the table in the dining room decorated with a few Balloons and table cloth, and he got happy and says, “oooohh – I got a cake?”.   🙂  Anything I can do to make my kids feel special ESPECIALLY on their birthdays, I’m all in.  Being 15 – I’m glad he still appreciates and loves the little things I have done and do for him.


He had us laughing when he took frosting and put it all over his nose.  My brother is usually the one who does that to everyone.  We all know you don’t stand behind my brother when you’re blowing out your birthday candles or it’s your birthday at all and there’s a cake in front of you.  He WILL be the one to slam your head into your cake, or take a chunk of the frosting and smear it all over you.  🙂  Since he wasn’t here yesterday,  Frankie did it himself and said since nobody was here to do it, he would.





And, I wasn’t going to end the night without a birthday photo with my birthday boy.  This kid seems taller and taller every time I stand next to him.  🙂  Geesh.


Today,  I’m proud to say he has a Basketball game this morning ,  and then – he’ll be going to a Football Banquet he goes to every year because he plays that as well.  He then leaves me to go celebrate a late birthday with his dad, and his grandma on his dad’s side.  He’ll be back tomorrow though and then – we start our diets, exercises, and gym membership.  Oy.  Enjoy those posts where I complain and whine about my sore body, and share my weight loss journey with all of you.  I said 2018 would be the year I really do this, and it will be.



Have a blessed one loves.


Carli “Cookie”.

Kindness is Key


I believe in the power of Kindness.


Listen.  As much as I will be the first to speak my mind, say how I feel and what I think, tell it like it is and be very much strong minded / strong willed and REAL – which can make me seem kind of harsh at times because of how out-spoken I am, I also believe that we should all be kind to others and each other whenever possible.  It’s ALWAYS possible.  I have a big heart and I love being kind to others.  I am writing this because of two experiences I had yesterday, that brought all of this to mind.


The first one  – was when I was at a local Jewel grocery store by my house.  I’m not sure about all Jewel stores, but that one believes highly in hiring not only regular people, but also those with handicaps and those who have Down Syndrome.  I see many of them there when I shop there.  They’re getting carts from the parking lot.  They’re stocking shelves.  They’re putting frozen foods in the freezers.  They’re cleaning spills.  They’re doing it all, and they’re perfectly capable of doing so.  Normally,  I just go about my shopping and really don’t pay much attention when I see those them working there.  I feel like they’re just like the regular people working there.  Today, a person with Down Syndrome caught my attention.  I was almost done with my grocery shopping, and was looking for frozen breakfast foods I could heat up quickly in the mornings – that are also healthy as I am on this new healthy foods / diet and exercise kick.  I found a few boxes of breakfast sandwiches, and as I was taking them out of the freezer section they were in,  I heard a man with Down Syndrome apologize to me.  I looked to my left where he was standing, and I noticed he had a HUGE shipment of boxes in the isle – all over.  It would have been tough for anyone to get by , but I wasn’t trying to get by – as he started gently pushing boxes out of the way.   I politely smiled and told him, “No worries hun.  You’re good.  I’m not going that way any way”.  He apologized again, and again, and kept apologizing telling me how sorry he was – and that he didn’t want me to fall if I tried walking past when I was done.  I smiled again, and sweetly told him,  “Honey, no worries.  I forgot Potatoes way in the other direction, so you’re not in my way at all”.   He smiled and told me,  “Sometimes, I’m in everybody’s way and they look at me funny and I feel bad”.




I felt extremely bad for him.  I wasn’t sure if he meant people look at him funny because when he’s working in the isles and stocking – he allows boxes to be all over the isles as he had in the frozen food section yesterday, or if he meant that they look at him funny because of his Down Syndrome.  I sweetly smiled, and told him “Listen.  You’re not in my way at all and I’m not looking at you funny.  I am looking at these frozen breakfast foods funny because they have some weird ones coming out, but I found what I’m looking for.  You have a great day”.   As he laughed, I smiled and walked away knowing I made him laugh and hopefully  –  made his day a bit better.  🙂


I wanted to share what happened yesterday because Kindness goes a LONG way, and if someone is having a bad day, thinks negative, or is just feeling a bit down  – you never know what your words, your smile, or the laughter you bring to that person can do for them.  How it can turn their day, their thoughts, their emotions around into positivity.  BE KIND. BE A GOOD PERSON.  MAKE SOMEONE SMILE.  Make someone laugh.  It’s free and may even do some good for your own soul.  I know it did for mine.  I guarantee that many people who see this guy are either rude to him, look at him funny as he said, or just walk by him and ignore him because of his Down Syndrome.  DON’T BE THAT PERSON.  DON’T BE LIKE THE REST OF THOSE PEOPLE.  Even if you pass one of them and say hello – ask how their day is going – and be friendly for no reason – it may make their day better, and show what kind of person you are.   This world is full of rude, nasty, hurtful, mean, obnoxious, thoughtless people.  DON’T BE ONE OF THEM!  BE the change.  Act out of kindness from the heart.  I truly hope that guy knows I didn’t look at him any different than any other person in the world.  He needs to know their are kind people out here who DO look at him and everyone else with a condition – like any other normal person.  Who knows?   Maybe I made a new friend so anytime I go there,  he’ll remember my kindness and I’ll remember how he smiled because of it and we can continue to say hello to each other.   YOU NEVER KNOW what someone is feeling, going through, dealing with, thinking – and if you can take a moment to be kind and put some positivity into their lives – into their days – DO IT.  PLEASE – PLEASE – PLEASE – BE KIND.  KINDNESS is free, and takes only a few moments. Heck!  There’s been times when I’ve had an awful day or had something negative going on.  There’s been times that someone took the time out to be kind to me, make me smile, and changed my entire day and mood.  My feelings, my thoughts, my emotions….. KINDNESS IS KEY!



Along with Kindness – comes correcting your wrongs.  I want to share something that also happened yesterday and angered me a bit, but then bothered me because I felt like I was being just as rude as the rude person I was dealing with and it wasn’t right.  Two wrongs DON’T make a right, and you have to take a deep breath sometimes, remember that just because someone is rude to you – you don’t have to act the same way, and to be a better person – if you DID act the same way, you need to correct it.  You need to be kind to those who are unkind to you because again, you never know what they’re going through at that moment, what their thought process is, what their day has been like or what they’re dealing with on their side in their own lives.  Maybe you caught them on a bad day or at a bad moment, or a bad time in their life – and maybe they didn’t mean to be rude to you, but because they’re going through something – they just came across that way.  DON’T REPAY UNKINDNESS WITH UNKINDNESS.


Let me explain a bit.


So, I’m divorced.  I’ve been divorced from my ex-husband for about 4 years now.  He is re-married.  His wife can be extremely cool when she wants to be.  Very mellow.  Very easy to talk to.  She can also be very demanding, bossy, crazy and out of her mind at times.  That’s just her personality and I’ve learned to take those deep breaths when I talk to her, and remind myself that she has her own issues she’s dealing with, her life isn’t easy either – and maybe it isn’t PERSONAL the way she is towards people at times.  My son’s 15th birthday is TOMORROW.  There was some issue a few months ago so he hasn’t talked to his dad or his dad’s wife in months.  Now, I am NOT the one to put personal  business like this out here, but this story goes with my point I’m trying to make here today.  To inspire all of you………. Now, I will NOT put too many details out there, but to make my point – I’ll put the basics.


My son lives with me.  So, when he stopped talking to his dad and his dad’s wife months ago because of something that happened and he felt strongly about and was against – it was peaceful.  I didn’t have to talk to his dad or his dad’s wife about anything because they weren’t contacting us or looking for Frankie, and Frankie wasn’t dealing with them.  When Frankie expressed his desire to go see his dad for his Birthday,  I was confused.  After what happened – I didn’t understand WHY he’d want to go there.  He said he wanted to go the day before his birthday (today) for a few hours.  Part of me wondered if he just wanted to go because he wanted to see if his dad was going to buy him anything.  My oldest daughter – whose 17 and also doesn’t talk to their dad – felt the same way.  That Frankie didn’t want to truly see his dad , but that he wanted to see if he was getting anything for his birthday from his dad and his dad’s new wife.  I didn’t think Frankie was going for the RIGHT reasons, and I was upset that even after everything that happened – he would want to go.   He would want to see his dad.  I didn’t get it.  To top that off, he asked his dad’s wife if he could go over there.  When she asked him why – and they talked for a few minutes, she was saying a few things that I didn’t agree with but kept my mouth shut.  She then said she would talk to Frankie’s dad and see what he said.

I had plans for Frankie’s birthday on Saturday.  I wanted to spend the entire day doing things with him because he has school tomorrow on his actual birthday.   When his dad’s wife told Frankie to come over on Saturday to see his dad before he goes to work, I told Frankie I had plans.  Frankie said he told her that, and she told him to “MAKE IT HAPPEN”.  Like she gave no damn that I had plans for Frankie, and she DEMANDED that he come over on Saturday if he wants to see his dad – and see him then.  I text her and I asked if she told Frankie to MAKE SATURDAY HAPPEN – and she said she SURE DID.  I called her because sometimes texts can be taken the wrong way, and I asked her if she knew I had plans for Frankie on Saturday, and if she was saying SHE SURE DID tell him to make Saturday happen in a COCKY way, or if I was taking it wrong?  She got pretty rude, and so did I.  We both started talking over each other (not yelling or anything), but we weren’t TALKING talking – we were OVER STEPPING each other’s words, and as adult women – we weren’t behaving correctly.  She wasn’t respecting me as Frankie’s mom, and I don’t claim to be an angel because I wasn’t respecting her as a step – mom or my ex-husband’s wife either.  She may not like me.  I may not be crazy about her, but as adult women – the least we could have done – was listened to each other yesterday and talked with respect TO each other and not AT each other – especially because FRANKIE was affected and upset after all of it.  I felt some kind of way.  She felt some kind of way.  She made it a point to let me know that I have him here with me all the time, and he’s under my care – so she did say he should come see his dad Saturday , and that his dad would like to see him.


As I was trying to calm down and talk to her, she started yelling and hung up on me.  I text her and told her she was truly “GHETTO”.  She can totally be ghetto at times, but – she’s still my kids step-mom even if they don’t like to think it, and she’s still my ex-husband’s wife.  She’s still a mom herself.  She’s still a woman herself.  She’s still an adult herself, and I need to still respect her and have morals – even if she doesn’t respect me and have them.   I was pretty angry and upset last night after all of this, and I started thinking about it HOURS later.  I feel like I was being selfish when it comes to my son’s feelings.  No matter how I feel about what happened months ago, I know Frankie loves his dad and is close to him.  I know Frankie has A HUGE heart.  He’s nothing like my daughters.  My daughter’s have that Hispanic attitude (Half Puerto-Rican) LMAO  – and if they’re mad at someone or something happens – my daughter’s will be stubborn as heck and not talk to someone forever.  They don’t care.  I don’t like it, but that’s how they are -especially my 17 year old.  My boy though – my son Frankie, he’s such a sweetheart and he’s all about forgiveness, peace, 2nd chances, unconditional love – and I have to admit – he’s like me in many ways because I’ll forgive and give many chances as well.  So, I understand his heart.  I don’t understand how he could get over what happened months ago, but that’s Frankie.  That’s how he is.  So, after thinking about it last night,  I felt like I was being selfish, and needed to take a deep breath, let Frankie go on Saturday, reschedule my plans and make them for Sunday, and get over how I feel about the situation that happened months ago.  If Frankie isn’t angry about it anymore and can forgive his dad and wants to go  see him for a few hours,  that’s Frankie’s decision and now – he’s old enough to make those decisions on his own and I have to respect my son when it comes to those kind of choices.  Frankie let it be clear yesterday that he loves me, but he also loves his dad, and while he can’t change his dad’s choice of who he married – he can still respect and see his dad – and I have to let him.  I have to put my selfishness to the side, and be as forgiving as Frankie when it comes to that situation months ago.  I truly don’t mind the fact that Frankie is going to see his dad Saturday anymore.  I’m over it this morning.  I was still upset and a bit angry that this cocky, sometimes “ghetto”, sometimes crazy – demanding and bossy woman my ex-husband is married to now said what she said to me in the way she said it.  “I SURE DID”, when I asked her if she told Frankie to make SATURDAY HAPPEN, but then I put myself in HER shoes as a WIFE.  She’s probably thinking my ex-husband is heartbroken over not seeing Frankie in months, and she’s probably right.  She probably knows that seeing Frankie would make my ex-husband the happiest man in the world, especially on Frankie’s birthday weekend… so, she was probably thinking like a wife and wanting to make her husband happy – and doing whatever she could.  So, demanding Frankie go over there Saturday to see his dad, I don’t like her choice or words or how she said them to me, but – I put myself in her shoes and want to believe that’s why she was how she was.  I would probably do the same for my husband if I was married.  Demand his son come over on his birthday weekend so his dad can spend time with him and do things with and for him.  My ex-husband works a lot so that’s probably the only time he has available to see Frankie.  At the end of the day, when I thought about it last night and this morning – I was just as rude to her as she was to me over the phone last night, and I probably went at her the wrong way and handled the situation wrong.  So, I was watching someone in an interview yesterday and he had wronged someone or felt like he did something wrong and he was talking about how he always has to CORRECT HIS WRONGS or fix things if he did something wrong to someone.  HE ALWAYS says he’s sorry if he knows he messed up.  He was saying he’s a nice guy and that’s just him.  If he’s NOT NICE at one point, he always has to go back and fix things with someone he wasn’t nice to.  I too consider myself a nice person, so when I’m feeling a certain way, and having a bad day and I may go at someone wrong, I do feel the need to apologize as well.  No matter how the situation was or went down, or if that other person was rude to me first or not.

I then saw this online…


No!  My son’s step-mother and my ex-husband’s new wife was NOT very nice to me yesterday ESPECIALLY demanding – without asking if I was okay with it or not – for my son to go over there Saturday to spend it with his dad, but I decided to apologize to her for the way I may have went at her the wrong way.  It wasn’t right what she said to me first, but it wasn’t right the way I reacted to it.  I felt like I could have called her and spoke nicely to her because even if she may not always be the nicest person, I AM-  and I felt like I was wrong.  So, I text her late last night after thinking about all of this, and I told her I was sorry for the way I came at her.  I told her I didn’t like how she came at me first or her telling Frankie to go there Saturday – almost demanding it – but that I was sorry for coming at her the way I did, and it wasn’t right.  I told her he WILL be there Saturday to see his dad, and that I would just take him out on Sunday.  I felt the need to have heart to be nice to her after the fact, not because she was a nice person last night (because she wasn’t), but because I am!  She didn’t apologize for her actions or words to me, but I didn’t expect her to.  I told my son I apologized to his step-mom just so he knows I was the bigger person, and he seemed good with that this morning.  We talked, and he and I are good.  That’s what matters most, because last night – I don’t think he was happy with either of us.  Me or his step-mom.  That’s NOT the way I want my children to see me acting, so I did let it be known I was sorry and I apologized to her.  I do want to be a nice person and I want my kids to see me as such  -and grow to be nice people themselves even if people treat them in a rude way.   I ALWAYS tell my 9 year old to be nice to others no matter how they act or what they say, so I have to lead by example.


That being said, my point in all of that was for all of you to treat people kindly and be nice to everyone even if they’re not nice.  Even if they’re rude, bossy, demanding, mean, nasty, etc.  Make your list of GOOD longer than your list of BAD in the BOOK OF LIFE when you meet the good Lord.  🙂  Heck, I know I want to get to Heaven and hear the good Lord say, “On this day, so and so was mean to you and said this and this, and you may have said this and this but you apologized.  One good point for you.  On this side, I see so and so did this and this to you, but you kept your cool, prayed to me and let me handle it – and you remained very nice to that person…10 points for you”.   LOL…. just a thought.  Seriously though, be kind to anyone who is rude to you, who does something to you to hurt you or anger you, who wrongs you in any way.  Don’t wrong them back and if you do, go back and fix it.  Apologize even if they don’t or won’t.   God sees all.  God knows all, and even if you can’t change their attitudes and behaviors, you can change yours.  Be the better and bigger person.  Be kind and nice.  That’s my entire message for this whole blog post.  Both of the things I encountered yesterday taught me lessons and made me better myself and get right with God – and have that peace I need in my soul.  Sometimes being the better and bigger person isn’t easy, but you have to bite your tongue, take a breath and do  what you have to do to keep the peace.  To be nice. To be the kind one.  Like I said, you never know what someone else is going through as well so for all I know, that woman had a horrible day , got horrible news , has been going through a horrible 2018 already and it just started – so maybe she wasn’t trying to take things out on me or get Cocky as she sounded, but it came out that way and she DID take it out on me because she’s not in the best mood right now.  WHO KNOWS?   YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT SOMEONE ELSE IS DEALING WITH OR GOING THROUGH – so please, don’t take it personal again, and even if it is ….LET IT GO and move forward being the kindness person you can.


I prayed last night and this morning and asked God to bless them, bless me, my kids, and the situations…. to keep the peace and just let everyone live their lives.


I was a nice person in situation 1 above, and I became a nice person  -the better and bigger person – in situation 2…so I ask all of you to follow my lead, and just me polite and kind to those who need it the most – and to those who are not kind to you –  KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS.  Heck, you might be so kind to someone who is so rude to you, that they don’t know what else to do or say because you’re not reacting the way they want you to , or need you to so they can continue to be rude.  🙂


Update :   Situation 3.  I wanted to add this as well – not to brag and get credit for what I did – but to say how much I wish there were more people out here who did whatever they could for someone else.  I was on my way to the H.I.P. (Harlem Irving Plaza) yesterday to look for some shoes my son has been wanting.  On the way there,  I was at a stop light.  There was an elderly man (in his 80’s or so) standing at the bus stop.  It was raining and it looked like he was struggling with his bags.  He then stepped down in to the street (right in front of my car) – just as the light turned Green.  I am a very patient person, and as I sat there waiting to see what he was going to do so I could go, he dropped his bags in front of my car, and almost fell.  He was walking with a cane and as he got his balance back, he just stood there looking around.  Cars were beeping at me – because they probably couldn’t see this guy in front of my car.  I put my car in park, got out and told the cars behind me to go around.  As they did – I asked this man if he was Okay.  He looked confused, but then told me – “I’ll give you a couple bucks if you can help me cross the street.  I do this all the time, but got more things than I expected from the store and my bags are so heavy.  Plus, it’s raining”.    There was NO WAY I was going to let this man walk any further.  I asked if he lived close by.  He said he does, and said he lived a few blocks down.  I told him to get in the car and let me take him home.  He asked if I was sure?  I smiled, and told him I was very much sure, as I opened the passenger side door and helped him in.  I grabbed his bags and put them in the back.  He thanked me, called me a “good person”, and we talked about my wipers.  I have issues with my wipes right now on the 2nd car I drive (because as of New years Eve – my Nissan – the GOOD CAR – is in the body shop).  The Bonneville I use once in a while as a back up car… has wiper issues.  The guy asked if I could see?  I told him I could and that the wipers only give me trouble here and there.  He told me his son is a mechanic and can probably fix it for me.  I told him about having my Nissan – and the Bonneville only being a back up.  When I got this guy home, he thanked me again and handed me some money to get my wipers checked and fixed.  He told me, “After what you did for me, I don’t want you driving around with broken wipers in this rain”.  I put the money right back in his hands and told him I was NOT going to take it.  He placed it back down in the center of the cup holders, and told me I will take it.  I laughed, picked it up and put it back in his hands and told him, “I can get the wipers fixed if I wanted to.  This is a back up car.   Mine is in the shop right now.  I’m not taking your money”.  I got out of the car, took his bags up to the porch, and helped him to his door.  He was more than grateful, and I know the good Lord was looking down smiling for my good deed-  so I was more than paid already.  I didn’t need money for doing so.  I like to believe that anytime anyone does a good deed  for anyone else, or sees someone struggling in any way and helps them – they’re already paid.  Not from the person they helped… but from the man upstairs.   From God. I’d like to believe he watches all we do for anyone in need, and rewards us accordingly.  I also believe that random acts of kindness – come back around when YOU may need a hand and someone is there to help you because you helped someone when they needed it.  Many people call that KARMA.  I totally believe in it.  I’ve see it come and go – both good and bad and it does dish out to you what you dish out to others.  So, I wanted to share this because I ask all of you, to take all these situations I dealt with recently to the heart, learn from them, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use kindness in every situation you come across.


If you can be polite and kind – make someone smile than others ignore or may not really treat well because they’re different, do so.  If you can be the light in that person’s life or the reason their day is better, do so.

If someone is rude to you and treats you bad, take a deep breath, let God deal with the things they do, and move on with your life.  If you were rude back to them out of anger, apologize even if they don’t deserve it , or don’t apologize for their actions and words.  Be the better and bigger person.

If you see someone struggling or needing a hand and you know you can help – do it.


I was happy that in all these situations, I was kind – and I was able to do what was done.  I hope and pray that anyone reading this has a chance of heart if you’re the kind who doesn’t really care, or doesn’t help when you know you can – or isn’t the kindest.  I hope everyone does their best to be kind, because trust me – it goes a long way – and may not only make others feel good and smile – but it may help your soul to do the same.  Helping others makes ME smile and makes me feel good because I love the smile on someone else’s face knowing that they feel like someone in this cold, brutal world actually gives a damn about them.  Stranger , friend, family member, enemies even – just be kind!   Trust me, sometimes – it’s a test from the good Lord.  ACE IT!  🙂 We all answer to him for our actions or lack of one day.  How will you explain yours to him if need be?   Think about that.


No, I’m not trying to bring Kindness and religion together.  Just some thoughts….  🙂





I love you all… have a beautiful day as it’s supposed to be in the 60’s here in Chicago , and much love until next time loves.  All of you say your prayers for me because I too – am dealing with not so nice people here and there as I try to bite my tongue (hard) and shut my mouth.  LMAO….



That’s the right and the kind thing to do.  I may not have acting right when she got cocky with me at first, but I know in my heart I can be at peace because I tried to make things right and I apologized for how I went at her.  Even if she didn’t apologize for what she said first, I know in my heart – I did, and God knows I tried to make it right.  That’s all that matters to me.



“Through-out life people will make you mad,

disrespect you and treat you bad.

Let God deal with the things they do –

because hate in your heart will consume you, too!”.

-Will Smith (Great words to live by)!


Always and forever…

Carli (Cookie)

The ditch didn’t stop me – I’m still here!

2018 my loves.


I survived the holidays…. it was a blast.



I hope all of you had a wonderful NEW YEARS EVE, and got to celebrate with your friends, families, S/O’s, and children.  Not so much for me.  I somehow put my car in a ditch after jumping a tree stump.  I have no idea what happened.  I know I was upset that night over something I shouldn’t have let myself been upset about, my blood pressure and heart rate sky-rocketed, and I woke up in an ambulance.  From that moment,  I was in and out of it.  I don’t remember much else.  I don’t remember a lot from that night.  I wasn’t drinking.  I wasn’t texting and driving.  No worries.  I do know that I had a very stressful night, and the doctors think it caused me to pass out.  They did say it can be normal for someone who is under a lot of stress, and thankfully – I went in to the woods.  YES!  I drove into the woods.  As I said – I jumped a tree stump (or, the side bottom of a tree) and missed the actual tree itself.  I was told that had I hit that tree, I would have been dead.  So, I landed in a ditch.  I’m banged up.  Bruised up.  A bit cut up, but I’m ALIVE.  When I think about that night, the stress I was dealing with, the situation and how lucky I am to be alive,  I look up….


I truly believe SOMEONE up there was with me that night.  The Police, the Fire department, the tow truck driver that took my car out of the ditch – none of them know how I missed the tree that could have killed me, and landed in the ditch behind the tree, but it happened that way.  I can only say that a HIGHER POWER had my back that night.  With God, all things are possible, right?!   I am coming into 2018 with such a positive attitude, mind-set and thoughts because I am truly grateful to be alive right now.  I didn’t have the best NEW YEARS EVE, and things didn’t go at all as planned – but, God is good – and your girl is still here!   🙂  As days go by, I’m healing and getting stronger again – I’m thankful and you have NO IDEA how much I’ve thanked the good Lord – and I want all of you to know that there IS such a thing as a situation being so stressful, it causes you to pass out.  If you feel yourself extremely aggravated, upset, angry, whatever – please take the time to calm down before you drive.  That was my mistake that night.  I had no idea my vitals were going to sky rocket from a situation that escalated – therefore causing me to pass out and cause what happened.


My car is in the body shop right now.  The tow truck driver was great at keeping in touch with me letting me know where he was going with my car, and my Insurance company was great at taking over from there and handling the claim.  As upset as I was after everything about the car and what went on, my brother can always make me laugh.  One comedian I truly love – is Wanda Sykes.  She has a comedy special where she talks about a TREE HOUSE.  How she was following her TIPSY friend home one day and saw her TIPSY friend drive through the woods, and thought to herself – “Maybe she lives in a tree house”.   When my brother found out about the accident and what happened – how I went through the woods and landed in a ditch, he calls me that night and asks if I was Okay, and then says “I said to myself, Maybe she lives in a tree house”.   LMAO…..


I tell ya!  That kid always cracks me up.  I love my brother to pieces…..


I am Okay loves… those who found out about what happened, I thank you all for your love, support, concern and for checking up on me.  I am healing and getting back to normal, and waiting for my car to come home.  🙂  I ask all of you reading this – if you’re angry and upset, in tears, tired, feeling some kind of negative way, PLEASE pull over or call someone else.  Just like alcohol – negative emotions can affect your health , driving , thought process, and vitals.  BELIEVE ME!!!!  It can totally affect your vitals.  Don’t drive angry.  Don’t drive upset.  Don’t drive while you’re emotional.  Don’t drive after going through a terribly stressful situation.  It can cause your heart rate – your Blood pressure to up, and your brain to shut down – and cause you to go through what I went through New years eve.  PLEASE PLEASE – pass the keys!  I can only thank the good Lord for letting me miss that tree that would have killed me.  I can only thank the good Lord for allowing a passer-by to call 911 so I didn’t freeze in those woods, in that ditch…. and I only have the good Lord – guardian angels, and my HIGHER POWER to thank for me being alive right now.


I got the hospital – where I woke up for the 3rd time that night, (remember, I said I was in and out of it)… and a doctor was asking me if I dealt with any kind of stress that night.  I told him I did, and he nodded his head like he already knew because of my vitals and especially how high my heart rate was…I won’t go into details of what happened that night, but I did NOT leave the place I was at – feeling at peace.  I was angry.  I was upset.  I was badly stressed.  So please again – if you’re going through something or dealing with something and you know you shouldn’t be driving,  DON’T.   Just like a DUI – Just like a medical condition – just like texting and driving – being upset and angry, stressed out and driving can harm you as well.  Calm down before you drive.  Let someone else drive, but please – don’t get behind the wheel if you’re dealing with overwhelming stress.


Thankfully, God wasn’t ready for me that night.  🙂 I got home 10 minutes before the countdown after checking myself out of the hospital A.M.A. because I’m stubborn and I felt fine.  The doctors wanted me to take at least a half of bag of fluids through an I.V. before they let me leave, and I did.  My awesome mom and her wonderful friend Rosa came to pick me up from the E.R.  Want to hear something else funny?  My son – who was with my mom that night, told me my mom was upset that I was taking so long to get back from where I was, and then she said something like, “I’m here yelling and upset and she could be laying in a ditch somewhere”.   Little did she know, that’s EXACTLY what was happening.


I’m also thankful nobody else was in the car with me that night, and that the accident wasn’t worse.  I can’t stress it enough loves ,or tell you guys enough – driving while stressed out or going through a stressful situation – emotional time – is just as dangerous as drinking or driving, or texting and driving.  NOT A GOOD IDEA, and I learned that the hard way New years eve.  Please don’t do it… pull over and deal with whatever you have to deal with, let someone else drive, or just calm yourself down first because once your vitals sky rocket from your emotions or stress – it can be a bad thing from there.


As for 2018 –  I made a comment about how it did NOT start good at all because of the accident – and a friend of mine made a comment saying, “I think it started extremely well.  You alive to see it”, so for that – again – I am grateful, and she’s right.  The rest of 2018, I plan to make it perfect!  I will NOT let anything bring me down this year and I keep saying this is MY year of happiness and success.  It’s the also the year I get my health on track, go visit my doctors who are probably not happy I haven’t been to see them for check-up’s, and the year my 14 year old son and myself get fit.  He keeps bringing up the gym, the gym , the gym… and I know , I know – I keep saying we’re going to do our thing this year.  GET FIT.  He keeps reminding me.  It’s about that time.


I’ve decided to only allow two CHEAT days every month where we get to eat anything we want.  The rest of the month is nothing but healthy foods, healthy choices and working out.  He found an app on his phone (not sure how reliable or trustworthy it is yet though) that actually pays you to walk or run.  If you get to a certain amount, you can redeem those points for gift cards, or cash through PayPal.  He was telling me about it yesterday so I plan to download it today and once the weather gets warmer – we plan to go walking daily.  So I am also thankful this year to have my son be my biggest support system and motivation to keep me on track and that he’s so ready to work out with me.


As you all know, I took the Chicago Police exam in December, and I’m just waiting for the results.  I currently have my Physical test booklet that shows what I would need to pass for my Physical exam if I pass the written part of the Police testing.  So, he wants me to work on that and getting fit to be able to do everything the book says needs to be done.  UGH!  Why does being fit have to be so hard?!   Friggin’ STARBUCKS and good food is my weakness.  Hawaiian Pizza’s and such…… ha.  WILL POWER – I got this!  Starting the 15th of this month, and once I get my car back from the body shop – it’s on.


Well my loves, I just wanted to share my accident with you guys, and to beg all of you to please hand over the keys if you’re feeling overwhelmed or dealing with stress because passing out because of it is a real thing… I learned that the hard way… and to let all of you know I love you all, 2018 is MY year so check in often for great updates, lots of happiness and fun, and tons of smiles as I plan for this year.


I refuse to let any negativity bring me down this year.


Love all of you so very much,


P.S. My credit score jumped 48 points bringing a HUGE smile to my face the beginning of this year.  GO 2018……………HECK YEAH!


Just like I am today, I ask all of you to be grateful for all your blessings and for being alive to see another day.  The sun is shining, I’m happy for 2018…..and, God bless everyone who is reading this.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Carli “Cookie”.